my-stepbrother-comes-into-my-bedroom-every-night-to-watch-me-sleep 10:11

My Stepbrother Comes Into My Bedroom Every Ni...

5 months ago     3,132,972 Views    
my-rich-bf-didn-t-give-me-even-two-bucks-to-keep-me-from-trouble 11:11

My Rich Bf Didn't Give Me Even Two Bucks To K...

5 months ago     129,917 Views    
my-ex-went-berserk-at-my-wedding-i-had-to-call-the-police 10:05

My Ex WENT BERSERK At My Wedding. I Had To Ca...

5 months ago     554,205 Views    
i-have-an-affair-with-my-boss-for-money 10:01

I Have An Affair With My Boss For Money

5 months ago     690,825 Views    
i-trusted-him-blindly-and-now-i-have-hiv 11:24

I Trusted Him Blindly And Now I Have HIV

6 months ago     53,876 Views    
my-gf-and-my-best-friend-stole-all-my-money 10:07

My Gf And My Best Friend Stole All My Money?

6 months ago     91,426 Views    
my-heart-runs-on-batteries-and-once-i-forgot-to-charge-it 10:21

My Heart Runs On Batteries And Once I Forgot ...

6 months ago     86,751 Views    
i-had-to-protect-my-little-bro-from-our-criminal-dad 10:53

I Had To Protect My Little Bro From Our Crimi...

6 months ago     63,073 Views    
i-am-billie-eilish-and-i-m-a-bad-guy 10:54

I Am Billie Eilish And I'm A Bad Guy

6 months ago     316,164 Views    
i-caught-my-friend-s-dad-cheating-and-took-money-for-silence 10:27

I Caught My Friend's Dad Cheating And Took Mo...

6 months ago     61,589 Views    
my-grandpa-stole-my-girlfriend-she-wanted-money 10:06

My Grandpa Stole My Girlfriend. She Wanted Money

6 months ago     60,259 Views    
my-parents-left-me-with-an-adult-man-alone-for-a-week-awkward 10:45

My Parents Left Me With An Adult Man Alone Fo...

6 months ago     108,451 Views    
my-gf-put-a-camera-in-my-and-my-sister-s-room-she-knows-what-we-do-at-night 10:11

My Gf Put A Camera In My And My Sister's Room...

6 months ago     104,500 Views    
i-thought-my-mom-was-dead-until-i-saw-her-homeless-in-the-street 10:02

I Thought My Mom Was Dead Until I Saw Her Hom...

6 months ago     61,746 Views    
i-set-my-dad-with-mistress-with-my-own-hands 10:47

I Set My Dad With Mistress With My Own Hands

6 months ago     27,445 Views    
i-sent-my-brother-to-hospital-giving-him-sleeping-pills 10:20

I Sent My Brother To Hospital Giving Him Slee...

6 months ago     52,162 Views    
my-parents-make-me-pay-for-my-room 10:03

My Parents Make Me Pay For My Room

6 months ago     52,030 Views    
my-elderly-mom-wants-me-to-stay-with-her-forever 10:01

My Elderly Mom Wants Me To Stay With Her Forever

6 months ago     87,420 Views    
i-seduced-my-sister-s-bf-with-her-own-sexy-dress 11:02

I Seduced My Sister's Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

6 months ago     119,397 Views    
my-friend-gets-a-because-our-teacher-has-a-secret-affair-i-told-everyone 10:01

My Friend Gets A+ Because Our Teacher Has A S...

6 months ago     179,145 Views    


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