i-sent-my-brother-to-hospital-giving-him-sleeping-pills 10:20

I Sent My Brother To Hospital Giving Him Slee...

16 hours ago     52,160 Views    
my-parents-make-me-pay-for-my-room 10:03

My Parents Make Me Pay For My Room

1 day ago     52,030 Views    
my-elderly-mom-wants-me-to-stay-with-her-forever 10:01

My Elderly Mom Wants Me To Stay With Her Forever

2 days ago     87,420 Views    
i-seduced-my-sister-s-bf-with-her-own-sexy-dress 11:02

I Seduced My Sister's Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

3 days ago     119,394 Views    
my-friend-gets-a-because-our-teacher-has-a-secret-affair-i-told-everyone 10:01

My Friend Gets A+ Because Our Teacher Has A S...

4 days ago     179,145 Views    
i-dumped-my-disabled-bf-the-worst-mistake-of-my-life 10:22

I Dumped My Disabled Bf. The Worst Mistake Of...

5 days ago     46,990 Views    
my-mom-fed-me-only-fruit 10:39

My Mom Fed Me Only Fruit

6 days ago     77,902 Views    
i-got-a-chance-to-revenge-for-my-dad-s-death-to-his-boss 10:45

I Got A Chance To Revenge For My Dad's Death ...

1 week ago     144,535 Views    
my-friend-spiked-my-drink-every-day-i-was-shocked-to-know-the-reason 10:13

My Friend Spiked My Drink Every Day. I Was Sh...

1 week ago     70,438 Views    
my-mom-got-a-crush-on-my-dad-s-illegitimate-son-yikes 10:19

My Mom Got A Crush On My Dad's Illegitimate S...

1 week ago     56,073 Views    
my-father-forced-me-to-beg-on-the-streets-to-earn-money-for-him 10:12

My Father Forced Me To Beg On The Streets To ...

1 week ago     100,258 Views    
my-teacher-gives-me-a-for-our-special-relationships 11:08

My Teacher Gives Me A+ For Our Special Relati...

1 week ago     60,059 Views    
my-twin-sister-died-as-a-hero-and-now-i-remained-all-alone 10:29

My Twin Sister Died As A Hero And Now I Remai...

1 week ago     59,062 Views    
i-am-schizophrenic-and-stopped-taking-my-pills 11:27

I Am Schizophrenic And Stopped Taking My Pills

2 weeks ago     98,082 Views    
my-bf-found-out-what-i-did-to-his-son-and-deleted-me-from-his-life 10:24

My Bf Found Out What I Did To His Son And Del...

2 weeks ago     62,037 Views    
i-faked-pregnancy-to-make-my-ex-return-back-to-me 10:05

I Faked Pregnancy To Make My Ex Return Back T...

2 weeks ago     153,401 Views    
my-mom-entered-without-knocking-and-saw-me-and-my-stepdad 10:58

My Mom Entered Without Knocking And Saw Me An...

2 weeks ago     234,590 Views    
i-married-three-horrible-men-for-money 11:02

I Married Three Horrible Men For Money

2 weeks ago     95,826 Views    
my-parents-left-me-at-the-hospital-to-die-my-gf-remained-with-me-till-the-end 10:08

My Parents Left Me At The Hospital To Die. My...

2 weeks ago     64,101 Views    
i-became-super-popular-at-school-after-i-lost-my-memory 10:35

I Became Super-popular At School After I Lost...

2 weeks ago     64,223 Views    


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