making-a-foggy-riparium-bowl 10:46

Making a Foggy Riparium Bowl

1 week ago     21,517 Views    
my-fish-had-babies-already 11:54

My Fish Had Babies... ALREADY?!

1 month ago     33,612 Views    
waterfall-pond-in-a-terrarium-biorb-air-redo 10:09

Waterfall Pond in a Terrarium (biOrb AIR Redo)

1 month ago     34,127 Views    
i-got-rare-orange-nano-fish 10:01

I Got RARE Orange Nano Fish

2 months ago     34,201 Views    
bioactive-gargoyle-gecko-vivarium 11:51

Bioactive Gargoyle Gecko Vivarium

2 months ago     22,411 Views    
mini-diy-table-top-waterfall 09:46

Mini DIY Table Top Waterfall

2 months ago     113,233 Views    
i-built-a-500-gallon-paludarium-at-pondemonium 14:35

I Built a 500 GALLON PALUDARIUM at Pondemonium

3 months ago     33,844 Views    
you-ve-never-seen-my-animal-room-like-this-update 19:50

You've NEVER SEEN My Animal Room Like This (U...

3 months ago     26,392 Views    
diy-nano-pond-riparium 10:38

DIY Nano Pond Riparium

3 months ago     26,562 Views    
building-the-african-bullfrog-paludarium 14:00

Building The African Bullfrog Paludarium

5 months ago     37,889 Views    
what-happened-to-the-moss-ball-ecosphere 08:14

What Happened to the Moss Ball Ecosphere?

7 months ago     61,802 Views    
venus-flytrap-terrarium-update-maintenance 14:50

Venus Flytrap Terrarium Update & Maintenance

8 months ago     26,052 Views    
moss-ball-tree-ecosphere 10:33

Moss Ball Tree Ecosphere

9 months ago     27,814 Views    
satisfying-relaxing-terrarium-art 31:31

Satisfying & Relaxing Terrarium Art

9 months ago     953,650 Views    
mini-complete-waterfall-paludarium 12:46

Mini Complete Waterfall Paludarium

9 months ago     22,948 Views    
the-first-klein-bottle-terrarium 09:37

The First KLEIN BOTTLE Terrarium

9 months ago     173,417 Views    
exotic-orchids-the-nano-riparium 12:17

Exotic Orchids & The Nano Riparium

10 months ago     39,655 Views    
the-american-bullfrog-paludarium 13:53

The American Bullfrog Paludarium

10 months ago     22,774 Views    
new-paludarium-fish-blue-dream-shrimp 10:23

New Paludarium Fish & Blue Dream Shrimp

11 months ago     28,487 Views    
the-native-terrarium-2-years-later 12:41

The Native Terrarium 2 YEARS Later

11 months ago     457,298 Views    


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