if-you-learned-how-to-quick-save-in-real-life 03:03

If you learned how to quick save in real life.

2 days ago     469,977 Views    
if-eye-surgeons-did-you-how-barbers-do 02:19

If eye surgeons did you how barbers do.

1 week ago     450,643 Views    
when-you-re-always-in-other-peoples-business 02:10

When you're always in other peoples business.

3 weeks ago     295,271 Views    
me-shopping-for-anything-online 02:39

Me shopping for ANYTHING online.

1 month ago     417,491 Views    
how-baggage-handlers-treat-your-luggage-at-any-airport 02:35

How baggage handlers treat your luggage at AN...

1 month ago     326,498 Views    
me-vs-literally-anyone-in-word-games 04:13

Me vs literally ANYONE in word games.

2 months ago     298,661 Views    
people-that-have-a-million-alarms-set 04:02

People that have a million alarms set.

2 months ago     565,548 Views    
strangers-at-the-gas-station-at-1am 02:17

Strangers at the gas station at 1AM.

2 months ago     489,907 Views    
when-you-have-to-question-your-own-intellect-again 01:55

When you have to question your own intellect ...

3 months ago     390,274 Views    
maining-anybody-in-smash-bros 02:27

Maining ANYBODY in Smash Bros.

3 months ago     417,759 Views    
overpowered-protagonists-make-no-sense 03:57

Overpowered protagonists make no sense.

4 months ago     475,553 Views    
reaching-in-your-pocket-and-not-finding-your-phone 02:08

Reaching in your pocket and NOT finding your ...

4 months ago     443,100 Views    
trying-to-learn-anything-new 03:31

Trying to learn ANYTHING new.

4 months ago     743,870 Views    
if-npc-s-had-to-do-a-mission-without-any-human-player-interactions 01:26

If NPC's had to do a mission without any huma...

4 months ago     511,984 Views    
walking-with-people-that-got-longer-legs-than-you 03:17

Walking with people that got longer legs than...

5 months ago     676,693 Views    
how-i-imagine-laws-against-memes 01:22

How I imagine laws against memes

5 months ago     233,311 Views    
basically-me-for-an-entire-month 02:18

Basically me for an entire month

5 months ago     469,661 Views    
the-reason-i-don-t-talk-crazy-online 01:45

The reason I don't talk crazy online.

6 months ago     470,716 Views    
sound-pillow 01:09

Sound Pillow

6 months ago     241,895 Views    
i-hate-sleep-paralysis-the-most 01:59

I hate sleep paralysis the MOST.

6 months ago     1,241,667 Views    


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