the-hulk-life-we-almost-got-attacked-by-a-wild-animal-depression-is-real-we-love-you-all-smile 20:58

THE HULK LIFE: we almost got attacked by a wi...

4 months ago     24,354 Views    
the-hulk-life-with-heavy-hearts-we-must-go-on-rip-to-a-legend 26:30

THE HULK LIFE: With heavy hearts we must go o...

5 months ago     24,603 Views    
the-hulk-life-this-is-a-matter-of-time-i-have-to-work-quick 19:02

THE HULK LIFE: This is a matter of TIME I hav...

5 months ago     19,063 Views    
the-hulk-life-he-protects-the-car-with-his-life-i-got-bit-again 19:14

THE HULK LIFE: he protects the car with his L...

5 months ago     22,552 Views    
the-hulk-life-my-wife-kicked-me-out-the-house-so-i-slept-in-the-kennel-it-was-scary 23:45

THE HULK LIFE: my wife kicked me out the hous...

5 months ago     18,966 Views    
tiny-lil-isabella-meets-high-energy-pit-bull-sossa 05:45

Tiny lil Isabella meets high energy pit bull ...

5 months ago     69,211 Views    
the-hulk-life-after-shattering-his-tooth-failing-titanium-k9-kobe-makes-his-return-is-he-ready 24:42

THE HULK LIFE:After shattering his tooth!fail...

5 months ago     34,066 Views    
the-hulk-life-i-clocked-all-my-dogs-top-speed-with-radar-shocking-results-hulk-got-hurt 24:21

THE HULK LIFE: I clocked all my dogs TOP SPEE...

6 months ago     27,967 Views    
little-puppy-tucks-into-giant-pit-bull-kong-for-a-nap 03:17

Little puppy tucks into giant pit bull KONG f...

6 months ago     99,829 Views    
the-hulk-life-hes-lucky-to-be-alive-in-2020-time-for-some-major-changes 20:39

THE HULK LIFE: Hes lucky to be ALIVE in 2020!...

6 months ago     36,768 Views    
giant-pit-bull-bonds-with-unlikely-tiny-friend 03:16

Giant pit bull bonds with unlikely tiny friend

6 months ago     79,441 Views    
he-showed-his-teeth-at-lil-isabella 00:52

He showed his teeth at lil Isabella

6 months ago     28,918 Views    
lil-isabella-runs-up-on-big-pit-bull-kong-while-eating-this-is-what-happen 05:09

lil Isabella runs up on BIG pit bull KONG whi...

6 months ago     338,886 Views    
hulk-kobe-meet-tiny-lil-baby-isabella 03:42

HULK & KOBE meet tiny lil baby Isabella

6 months ago     61,303 Views    
he-had-a-stroke-this-is-not-click-bait 24:08


6 months ago     56,984 Views    
this-could-be-the-end-i-can-t-believe-he-did-this-i-heard-it-crack-he-still-loves-me-tho 04:25

This could be the END! I can’t believe he did...

6 months ago     41,803 Views    
guessing-my-dogs-names-while-blindfolded-hilarious 30:42


6 months ago     21,340 Views    
this-is-why-dogs-are-amazing 11:56

This is why Dogs are AMAZING!

7 months ago     52,701 Views    
human-vs-kong-i-battled-a-160lbs-pit-bull-i-think-i-won-tho-he-bit-me-once-i-m-ok 02:31

HUMAN VS KONG I battled a 160lbs pit bull I t...

1 year ago     177,972 Views    
i-looked-at-him-he-showed-me-his-teeth-in-my-face-a 00:54

I looked at him he showed me his teeth IN MY ...

1 year ago     287,796 Views    


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