Our Family Nest

moving-to-a-new-bedroom-grocery-shopping-haul 20:21

Moving to a New Bedroom & Grocery Shopping Haul!

2 weeks ago     27,359 Views    
puppies-first-birthday-party-surprise 16:34

Puppies First Birthday Party Surprise!

2 weeks ago     13,886 Views    
paying-for-likes-followers 16:19

Paying for Likes & Followers!

1 month ago     16,200 Views    
he-looks-like-a-girl-new-house-tour 10:30

He Looks Like a Girl! New House Tour!

1 month ago     13,942 Views    
new-iphone-11-which-one-did-she-get 14:03

New iPhone 11! Which One Did She Get?

1 month ago     20,281 Views    
late-night-stalkers-who-are-we-looking-for 10:49

Late Night STALKERS! Who are we LOOKING for?

2 months ago     13,155 Views    
shopping-before-christmas-tights-for-guys 10:44

Shopping before Christmas! Tights for Guys!

2 months ago     18,968 Views    
new-hair-color-brand-new-car 16:27

New Hair Color & Brand New Car!

2 months ago     43,613 Views    
lost-air-pod-only-one-put-offer-on-a-house 12:32

Lost Air Pod (only one)! Put offer on a House!

3 months ago     17,718 Views    
birthday-presents-shopping 13:01

Birthday Presents Shopping!

3 months ago     24,226 Views    
i-m-not-doing-well-at-all 16:51

I'm Not Doing Well at All

3 months ago     55,809 Views    
on-her-iphone-for-12-hours-in-one-day 10:55

On Her iPhone for 12 HOURS in ONE DAY!

3 months ago     21,063 Views    
buying-the-iphone-11-pro-pulled-over-by-the-police 14:40

Buying the iPhone 11 Pro & Pulled over by the...

3 months ago     19,928 Views    
new-iphone-11-pro-who-got-the-new-iphone 15:03

New iPhone 11 Pro! Who got the NEW iPHONE!?

3 months ago     26,438 Views    
new-hair-color-disgusting-ant-invasion 17:07

New Hair Color! Disgusting Ant Invasion!

4 months ago     36,550 Views    
homecoming-football-game-neon-color-night 15:13

Homecoming Football Game! Neon Color Night!

4 months ago     22,748 Views    
they-broke-up-he-s-single-again-girls 14:04

They Broke Up! He's Single Again Girls!

4 months ago     68,068 Views    
homecoming-dress-shopping 12:36

Homecoming Dress Shopping!

4 months ago     16,512 Views    
homecoming-clothes-shopping 13:04

Homecoming Clothes Shopping!

4 months ago     26,370 Views    
car-accident-it-was-his-fault 10:04

Car Accident! It was His Fault :(

4 months ago     37,154 Views    


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