Jon B.

catching-50lbs-of-bass-fishing-challenge-is-it-possible 14:41

Catching 50LBs Of Bass -- Fishing CHALLENGE! ...

3 months ago     28,456 Views    
bought-my-first-new-toy-for-my-backwoods-camp-it-s-very-fast 14:26

Bought My First NEW TOY For My Backwoods Camp...

4 months ago     40,041 Views    
this-was-a-big-mistake-stranded-in-the-marsh 14:40

This was a Big Mistake.. (STRANDED In The Marsh)

5 months ago     128,061 Views    
camping-in-a-gas-station-parking-lot-how-we-do-it 23:03

Camping In a GAS STATION Parking Lot! (How We...

6 months ago     39,711 Views    
this-is-fishing-heaven-he-caught-his-pb 22:53

THIS is Fishing Heaven! (He caught his PB)

6 months ago     83,514 Views    
hand-feeding-our-giant-exotic-pet-fish-they-ve-grown 17:03

Hand Feeding our GIANT EXOTIC Pet Fish (They'...

6 months ago     16,456 Views    
this-kid-is-impossible-to-fish-with-ft-apassin 18:58

This Kid is Impossible To Fish With (Ft. Apas...

6 months ago     122,405 Views    
exploring-hidden-mountain-streams-for-the-legendary-fish-unexpected 20:59


7 months ago     147,571 Views    
the-worst-lure-challenge-showdown-1rod1reelfishing-vs-jon-b 19:48


7 months ago     163,877 Views    
parking-lot-fishing-i-discovered-an-underground-river-new-species-caught 13:57

Parking Lot Fishing! I DISCOVERED an UNDERGRO...

7 months ago     42,262 Views    
this-was-not-my-best-idea 15:14

This Was NOT My Best Idea...

1 year ago     27,868 Views    
this-was-super-creepy-backwoods-bass-fishing-in-remote-texas 24:00

This Was Super CREEPY -- Backwoods Bass Fishi...

1 year ago     125,344 Views    
urban-bass-fishing-in-a-1-000-000-neighborhood 16:29

Urban Bass Fishing In a $1,000,000 Neighborhood

1 year ago     149,086 Views    
slaying-winter-fish-in-hot-water-creek-big-bite 10:17

Slaying Winter Fish In HOT Water Creek (BIG B...

1 year ago     147,444 Views    
it-s-finally-here 10:42

It's Finally HERE!

1 year ago     17,230 Views    
feeding-the-pet-river-monsters-of-brazil-my-bucketlist-fish 22:03

Feeding The Pet River Monsters Of Brazil (My ...

1 year ago     78,454 Views    
micro-fishing-the-rare-river-fish-of-the-amazon 13:55

Micro Fishing The RARE River Fish of The Amazon

1 year ago     102,265 Views    
1v1-supercar-fishing-challenge-racing-100-000-whips 15:46

1v1 Supercar Fishing Challenge (Racing $100,0...

1 year ago     23,449 Views    
the-fish-that-broke-the-record-amazon-river-beast 18:43

The Fish That Broke The Record -- (Amazon Riv...

1 year ago     122,528 Views    
stalking-predatory-fish-in-tiny-clear-creeks 12:33

Stalking Predatory Fish in Tiny Clear Creeks

1 year ago     98,285 Views    


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