The Amazing Lucas

x-men-magneto-and-xavier-may-be-black 05:54

X-Men Magneto and Xavier may be BLACK?

6 days ago     104,434 Views    
dave-chappelle-wrecks-rotten-tomatoes 06:58

Dave Chappelle WRECKS Rotten Tomatoes

2 weeks ago     322,811 Views    
straight-pride-parade 06:56

Straight Pride PARADE

2 weeks ago     45,258 Views    
dave-chappelle-sticks-and-stones-is-epic 05:25

Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones is EPIC

3 weeks ago     187,091 Views    
spider-man-out-of-the-mcu-is-great 08:48

Spider-Man OUT of the MCU is GREAT

4 weeks ago     138,717 Views    
jeffrey-epstein-case-just-got-worse 07:27

Jeffrey Epstein case just got WORSE

1 month ago     160,335 Views    
marshawn-lynch-vs-upset-mom 07:12

Marshawn Lynch vs Upset Mom

1 month ago     73,594 Views    
mario-lopez-is-a-coward 08:13

Mario Lopez is a COWARD

1 month ago     147,763 Views    
second-democrat-debates-were-brutal 09:55

Second Democrat Debates were BRUTAL

1 month ago     103,079 Views    
andy-signore-case-is-shocking 10:43

Andy Signore case is SHOCKING.

1 month ago     95,392 Views    
erica-thomas-is-dum 14:35

Erica Thomas is DUM

1 month ago     184,707 Views    
trumps-tweets-are-not-racist 07:24

Trumps tweets ARE NOT racist

2 months ago     202,868 Views    
007-just-got-woke 07:12

007 just got WOKE

2 months ago     166,028 Views    
shawn-rhoden-ban-is-bull 07:42

Shawn Rhoden Ban is BULL

2 months ago     80,444 Views    
birds-of-prey-dc-movie-gets-woke 08:16

Birds of Prey DC Movie GETS WOKE

2 months ago     104,384 Views    
liberal-lucas-analyzes-disneyland-fight-it-s-beautiful 12:11

Liberal Lucas Analyzes Disneyland Fight - It'...

2 months ago     180,587 Views    
jake-paul-says-no-ma-am 07:28

Jake Paul says No Ma'am!!!

2 months ago     110,848 Views    
colin-kaepernick-is-a-hero 05:57

Colin Kaepernick is a HERO!

2 months ago     152,442 Views    
spider-man-far-from-home-was-a-bootleg-spider-man-2-no-spoilers 13:08

Spider-Man Far From Home was a Bootleg Spider...

2 months ago     57,507 Views    
xbox-attacks-free-speech 06:31

Xbox ATTACKS Free Speech

2 months ago     49,641 Views    


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