The Amazing Lucas

justice-for-johnny-depp 13:50

Justice for Johnny Depp

3 months ago     110,135 Views    
12-years-for-a-cell-phone 09:39

12 years for a CELL PHONE

4 months ago     32,856 Views    
ricky-gervais-destroys-golden-globes 11:15

Ricky Gervais DESTROYS Golden Globes

4 months ago     142,946 Views    
star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-is-amazing 13:13

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is aMaZiNg

5 months ago     168,179 Views    
fontana-police-officer-joshua-macmillan-talks-man-down 09:35

Fontana Police Officer JOSHUA MACMILLAN talks...

5 months ago     63,891 Views    
twitter-policy-change-is-interesting 06:05

Twitter Policy Change is INTERESTING

5 months ago     41,670 Views    
american-son-on-netflix-was-garbage 12:39

American Son on Netflix was GARBAGE

6 months ago     88,193 Views    
terminator-dark-fate-movie-was-garbage 09:42

Terminator Dark Fate Movie was GARBAGE

6 months ago     117,480 Views    
ignant-walks-into-a-taco-bell 06:55

Ignant walks into a Taco Bell

7 months ago     145,337 Views    
pulled-over-for-air-freshener 11:02

Pulled over for AIR FRESHENER

7 months ago     113,624 Views    
i-overhyped-the-joker-movie-no-spoilers 09:11

I overhyped the Joker movie (No spoilers)

7 months ago     106,003 Views    
x-men-magneto-and-xavier-may-be-black 05:54

X-Men Magneto and Xavier may be BLACK?

8 months ago     104,434 Views    
andy-signore-case-is-shocking 10:43

Andy Signore case is SHOCKING.

10 months ago     95,392 Views    
erica-thomas-is-dum 14:35

Erica Thomas is DUM

10 months ago     184,707 Views    
trumps-tweets-are-not-racist 07:24

Trumps tweets ARE NOT racist

10 months ago     202,868 Views    
afrofuture-fest-is-joke 06:46

AfroFuture FEST is JOKE

10 months ago     111,772 Views    
captain-marvel-review-marvel-takes-a-major-l 13:45

Captain Marvel Review - Marvel Takes a MAJOR L

1 year ago     161,934 Views    
terry-crews-apologizes-for-accurate-tweet 09:16

Terry Crews APOLOGIZES for accurate tweet

1 year ago     60,295 Views    
rotten-tomatoes-shills-for-captain-marvel 07:27

Rotten Tomatoes SHILLS for Captain Marvel

1 year ago     155,373 Views    
jussie-smollett-interview-is-ridiculous 11:37

Jussie Smollett Interview is RIDICULOUS

1 year ago     344,944 Views    


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