legend-of-baghdad-battery-how-batteries-work 10:15

Legend of BAGHDAD BATTERY, How Batteries Work

5 days ago     167,500 Views    
free-energy-discovered-in-ukraine-3m-subs-celeb 11:37

FREE ENERGY DISCOVERED in Ukraine, 3M Subs Ce...

2 weeks ago     243,854 Views    
finding-high-power-240v-in-a-120v-country 10:16

Finding HIGH POWER 240V in a 120V Country

4 weeks ago     142,182 Views    
super-simple-dc-motor 10:03

Super Simple DC Motor

1 month ago     224,170 Views    
wow-ac-voltage-detector-circuit-can-it-be 10:02

WOW! ⚡AC VOLTAGE⚡ Detector Circuit?! Can It Be?!

1 month ago     243,969 Views    
making-a-particle-detector-cloud-chamber 12:09

Making a Particle Detector (Cloud Chamber)

2 months ago     195,169 Views    
making-a-taser-tree-planting-20-million-trees-teamtrees 10:15

Making a TASER TREE & Planting 20 MILLION TRE...

2 months ago     98,938 Views    
these-games-will-shock-your-kids-diy 15:08

These Games will SHOCK Your Kids!! [DIY]

3 months ago     112,830 Views    
what-s-a-circuit-series-and-parallel-electroboom101-005 10:46

What’s a Circuit, Series and Parallel (Electr...

4 months ago     110,360 Views    
power-outlets-in-united-kingdom 12:30

Power Outlets in United Kingdom

4 months ago     396,090 Views    
making-cooler-generator-with-thermoelectric-device 14:37

Making Cooler/Generator with Thermoelectric D...

5 months ago     95,308 Views    
emp-device-understand-and-battle-em-interference 14:05

EMP Device, Understand and Battle EM Interfer...

5 months ago     99,056 Views    
why-cheap-led-lights-keep-glowing 10:26

Why Cheap LED Lights Keep Glowing

6 months ago     193,880 Views    
usb-killer-why 11:27

USB Killer… WHY???

6 months ago     193,080 Views    
moving-particles-with-vibration-making-the-chladni-plate 12:46

Moving Particles with Vibration, Making the C...

7 months ago     100,521 Views    
how-safe-is-the-shower-head-of-doom 10:55


7 months ago     120,120 Views    
ac-motors 12:50


8 months ago     100,312 Views    
why-charging-phones-take-victims 10:10

Why Charging Phones Take Victims

8 months ago     53,894 Views    
drowning-in-inefficiency 07:57

Drowning in Inefficiency

9 months ago     137,164 Views    
rectifying-a-bunch-of-videos 12:19

Rectifying a Bunch of Videos

10 months ago     338,081 Views    


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