Dan and Riya

high-school-cheerleading-tryouts-trying-to-become-popular 11:05

High School CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS! *Trying To ...

2 weeks ago     447,037 Views    
first-day-back-to-school-new-popular-girl 13:40

First Day Back To School *NEW POPULAR GIRL*

3 weeks ago     352,742 Views    
my-family-vacation-disaster 12:24

My Family Vacation *DISASTER*

1 month ago     215,859 Views    
prank-wars-cinnamon-vs-tootsie 20:50

PRANK WARS! *Cinnamon vs Tootsie*

1 month ago     411,119 Views    
summer-sleepover-rich-girl-vs-normal-girl 13:36

Summer Sleepover! *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*

2 months ago     565,124 Views    
i-have-a-summer-crush-i-want-to-tell-him-i-like-him 11:30

I Have A Summer Crush! *I Want To Tell Him I ...

2 months ago     320,824 Views    
new-cute-guy-at-work-getting-over-my-crush 10:01

New Cute Guy At Work! *Getting Over My Crush*

2 months ago     178,962 Views    
i-have-a-crush-on-my-best-friends-cute-brother-she-doesn-t-know 17:23

I Have A Crush On My Best Friends CUTE Brothe...

3 months ago     326,449 Views    
end-of-school-year-dance-huge-disaster 13:35

End of School Year Dance! *HUGE DISASTER*

3 months ago     253,863 Views    
school-night-routine-rich-vs-normal-girl 11:03

School Night Routine! *Rich vs Normal Girl*

4 months ago     309,451 Views    
i-gave-my-best-friend-a-makeover-huge-transformation 15:43

I Gave My Best Friend A Makeover *HUGE TRANSF...

4 months ago     354,522 Views    
when-your-best-friend-exposes-your-crush-to-the-entire-school-so-embarrassing 10:39

When Your Best Friend Exposes Your Crush To T...

4 months ago     191,924 Views    
guidance-counselor-meeting-good-student-vs-bad-student 13:19

Guidance Counselor Meeting *Good Student vs B...

4 months ago     296,376 Views    
giving-my-teacher-a-makeover-i-help-her-get-a-date 10:57

Giving My TEACHER A MAKEOVER * I Help Her Get...

5 months ago     134,012 Views    
school-morning-routine-rich-girl-vs-normal-girl 10:01

School Morning Routine! *Rich Girl vs Normal ...

5 months ago     270,327 Views    
worst-substitute-teacher-ever-strict-vs-nice-teacher 11:57

Worst Substitute Teacher Ever! *Strict vs Nic...

5 months ago     359,286 Views    
my-crush-comes-over-for-a-school-project-he-s-so-cute 14:17

My CRUSH Comes Over For A School Project! *He...

5 months ago     290,883 Views    
hiding-secrets-from-your-best-friend-caught-in-a-lie 12:59

Hiding SECRETS From Your Best Friend! *CAUGHT...

6 months ago     217,252 Views    
types-of-students-during-class-presentations 10:13

TYPES OF STUDENTS During Class Presentations

6 months ago     192,965 Views    
rich-girl-gets-a-job-rich-girl-vs-normal-girl 12:47

Rich Girl Gets A Job *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*

6 months ago     597,302 Views    


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