Jimi Jackson

when-grandad-uses-your-phone 05:21

When grandad uses your phone

1 week ago     56,283 Views    
rich-vs-poor-kids-3-dinner-time 03:11


2 weeks ago     95,065 Views    
getting-your-school-report-card-then-vs-now 01:16

Getting your school report card - Then VS Now

2 weeks ago     68,516 Views    
when-it-s-too-cold 01:56

When it's too cold

2 weeks ago     50,952 Views    
when-you-get-robbed-but-you-re-broke 02:35

When you get robbed but you're broke

3 weeks ago     99,001 Views    
watching-a-tv-series-with-your-girlfriend 02:39

Watching a TV series with your girlfriend

3 weeks ago     44,523 Views    
getting-old-adulthood-series-part-1 03:43

Getting old - Adulthood Series Part 1

1 month ago     58,599 Views    
asking-your-friends-if-they-want-anything-from-the-shop 03:05

Asking your friends if they want anything fro...

1 month ago     58,217 Views    
friends-vs-best-friends-part-4 04:57

Friends VS Best Friends (Part 4)

1 month ago     44,485 Views    
when-you-don-t-watch-the-state-of-origin 01:43

When you don't watch the State of Origin

1 month ago     54,261 Views    
staying-at-your-friends-on-a-farm 03:39

Staying at your friends on a farm

1 month ago     85,460 Views    
when-you-have-2-best-friends 01:49

When you have 2 best friends

1 month ago     106,335 Views    
meeting-a-vegan-for-the-first-time 04:15

Meeting a vegan for the first time

1 month ago     151,121 Views    
when-you-win-an-argument 02:31

When you win an argument

1 month ago     79,739 Views    
family-plays-fortnite-together 02:50

Family plays Fortnite together

2 months ago     105,049 Views    
when-the-teacher-doesn-t-like-you 01:53

When the teacher doesn't like you

2 months ago     154,984 Views    
when-americans-meet-kiwis 02:50

When Americans meet Kiwis

2 months ago     71,886 Views    
when-you-haven-t-watched-game-of-thrones 02:12

When you haven't watched game of thrones

2 months ago     33,156 Views    
when-a-kiwi-moves-to-australia 01:51

When a kiwi moves to Australia

2 months ago     72,519 Views    
when-you-re-half-kiwi-half-australian 01:39

When you're half kiwi half australian

3 months ago     61,416 Views    


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