time-to-get-a-tattoo-removed-he-s-cancelled 05:03

time to get a tattoo removed *he's cancelled*

1 month ago     27,964 Views    
singing-the-saddest-songs-i-know 11:25

Singing The Saddest Songs I Know

2 months ago     49,980 Views    
a-video-i-ve-been-scared-to-make-for-years 15:28

A Video I've Been Scared To Make For Years

2 months ago     35,180 Views    
staying-in-my-car-for-24-hours 19:32

Staying In My Car for 24 Hours

3 months ago     51,946 Views    
dressing-like-tv-show-characters 12:10

Dressing Like TV Show Characters

3 months ago     69,754 Views    
i-literally-turned-my-closet-into-cher-s-from-clueless 11:17

i literally turned my closet into cher's from...

4 months ago     18,889 Views    
i-only-ate-pink-food-for-24-hours 09:51

i only ate pink food for 24 hours.

4 months ago     326,406 Views    
letting-the-person-in-front-of-me-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours-mcdonalds-starbucks 10:11

letting the person in front of me decide what...

5 months ago     281,108 Views    
letting-the-person-in-front-of-me-decide-what-i-eat 19:54

letting the person IN FRONT of me decide what...

6 months ago     19,814 Views    
why-it-takes-girls-so-long-to-get-ready 08:04

Why It Takes GIrls So Long To Get Ready

1 year ago     456 Views    
how-to-be-an-adult 05:39

How To Be An Adult

1 year ago     455 Views    
morning-routine-on-an-airplane 05:47


1 year ago     121 Views    
psychic-tells-me-a-surprise 10:52

Psychic Tells Me A Surprise...

1 year ago     49 Views    
lazy-night-routine 05:12

Lazy Night Routine

1 year ago     37,407 Views    
writing-a-song-in-15-minutes 17:01

writing a song in 15 minutes

1 year ago     177,484 Views    
welcome-to-my-new-bedroom 05:10

welcome to my new bedroom

1 year ago     188,117 Views    
i-chopped-my-own-hair-off-on-camera-i-wish-this-was-clickbait 10:32

i chopped my own hair off on camera (I wish t...

1 year ago     787 Views    
goodbye 06:46


1 year ago     4,144 Views    
boy-vs-girl-shopping-for-outfits 12:33

BOY vs. GIRL | Shopping for Outfits

1 year ago     945 Views    
the-stages-of-falling-asleep-at-night 09:27

The Stages of Falling Asleep At Night

1 year ago     48 Views    


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