Daisy Marquez

brother-nature-does-my-makeup 10:43

Brother Nature does my Makeup

1 year ago     242,381 Views    
daisy-marquez-x-bh-cosmetics-palette-reveal 19:19

Daisy Marquez x BH Cosmetics Palette Reveal

1 year ago     189,549 Views    
dark-yet-beautiful-meaning-behind-my-tattoos 19:24

Dark yet Beautiful meaning behind my Tattoos..

1 year ago     251,824 Views    
im-getting-haunted-again-not-clickbait 21:08

Im getting haunted..AGAIN *not clickbait*

1 year ago     343,603 Views    
full-face-testing-wet-n-wild-makeup 15:17

Full Face Testing wet n wild Makeup!

1 year ago     211,783 Views    
testing-cheap-amazon-wigs 11:49

Testing Cheap Amazon Wigs!!

1 year ago     251,388 Views    
i-m-still-being-haunted-pt-2 18:26

I'm STILL being haunted pt. 2

1 year ago     317,763 Views    
i-m-being-haunted-not-clickbait 29:45

I'm being haunted *not clickbait*

1 year ago     252,234 Views    
vlogmas-is-canceled 14:24

vlogmas is canceled

1 year ago     177,330 Views    
are-you-naughty-or-nice-vlogmas-2 15:57


1 year ago     126,742 Views    
bff-shopping-haul 15:38

bff shopping haul

1 year ago     210,357 Views    
y-all-my-bestfriends-chose-my-outfits 10:40

y'all..my bestfriends chose my outfits

1 year ago     144,228 Views    
life-update-grwm 16:42

life update + grwm..

1 year ago     80,160 Views    
early-af-fall-haul-lol-sorry-not-sorry 15:09

early af fall haul lol...sorry not sorry

2 years ago     155,158 Views    
summer-meets-fall-kinda-lol 11:42

summer meets fall...kinda lol

2 years ago     87,498 Views    
la-loteria-chose-my-makeup 16:46

la loteria chose my makeup...

2 years ago     97,435 Views    
old-school-chit-chat-grwm-daisy-marquez 12:14

Old School Chit Chat GRWM | Daisy Marquez

2 years ago     140,588 Views    
full-face-makeup-revolution-daisy-marquez 16:06

Full Face Makeup Revolution Daisy Marquez

2 years ago     147,916 Views    
bomb-af-try-on-haul-daisy-marquez 11:08

BOMB AF Try On Haul Daisy Marquez

2 years ago     109,155 Views    
what-s-in-my-mouth-challenge-ft-sylvia-gani 13:00

What's In My Mouth Challenge ft. Sylvia Gani

2 years ago     47 Views    


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