my-dog-sees-a-balloon-for-the-first-time-funny-reaction 01:11

My Dog Sees A Balloon For The First Time [FUN...

1 day ago     74,637 Views    
why-you-need-a-dog 03:56

Why You Need A Dog

5 days ago     76,149 Views    
my-dogs-reaction-to-the-bird-box-challenge 03:02

My Dogs Reaction To The Bird Box Challenge

3 weeks ago     52,587 Views    
my-dog-s-exciting-third-birthday-with-diy-dog-birthday-cake-recipe 14:01

My Dog's EXCITING Third Birthday!!! [With DIY...

1 month ago     188,481 Views    
on-facetime-with-your-jealous-girlfriend-be-like 00:32

On FaceTime With Your Jealous Girlfriend Be Like

2 months ago     299,350 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-6-i-mayasmr 10:02

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #6...

2 months ago     308,490 Views    
my-dogs-reaction-to-the-invisible-challenge 03:05

My Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Challenge

2 months ago     979,764 Views    
my-dog-goes-to-the-beach 07:02

My Dog Goes To The Beach!

2 months ago     166,347 Views    
why-i-get-nothing-done 01:06


2 months ago     103,859 Views    
asmr-relaxing-dog-grooming-l-mayasmr 10:24

ASMR Relaxing Dog Grooming ✂️ l MAYASMR

2 months ago     68,972 Views    
what-does-my-dog-do-when-she-s-home-alone-i-furbo-dog-camera 00:59

What Does My Dog Do When She's Home Alone? I ...

3 months ago     84,042 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-5-i-mayasmr 10:20

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #5...

3 months ago     112,730 Views    
a-message-to-all-haters 00:34

A Message To All Haters !

4 months ago     95,294 Views    
my-dog-acting-like-humans-funny-subtitles 03:31

My Dog Acting Like Humans [FUNNY SUBTITLES]

4 months ago     69,080 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-4-i-mayasmr 10:03

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #4...

5 months ago     64,216 Views    
hugging-my-dog-for-too-long-funny-reaction 03:03

Hugging my dog for too long [FUNNY REACTION]

5 months ago     47,404 Views    
my-dog-loves-getting-her-hair-cut 03:02

My Dog Loves Getting Her Hair Cut ❤

5 months ago     47,621 Views    
how-my-dog-gets-my-attention-when-i-try-to-work 01:20

How My Dog Gets My Attention When I Try To Work!

5 months ago     59,668 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-3-i-mayasmr 03:05

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #3...

6 months ago     88,460 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-2-i-mayasmr 03:13

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #2...

7 months ago     38,090 Views    


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