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illegal-alien-commits-most-horrifying-crime-but-his-sentence-is-even-more-scary 05:34

Illegal Alien Commits Most Horrifying Crime, ...

6 days ago     18,673 Views    
top-news-cher-goes-full-moonbat-with-most-outrageous-call-for-men-to-do 07:28

TOP NEWS! Cher Goes FULL MOONBAT, With Most O...

1 week ago     7,374 Views    
breaking-ben-stein-just-unloaded-on-ocasio-cortez-says-what-nobody-else-dared-to 07:49

BREAKING: Ben Stein Just UNLOADED On Ocasio-C...

1 month ago     87,939 Views    
roseanne-spinoff-goes-full-woke-pushes-illegal-immigration 04:44

‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Goes Full Woke, Pushes Ill...

1 month ago     21,661 Views    
breaking-it-s-a-trap-and-pelosi-just-walked-right-into-it-president-trump-wins-huge 07:40

BREAKING: IT’S A TRAP! And Pelosi Just Walked...

1 month ago     405,334 Views    
breaking-dem-rips-pelosi-get-in-the-damn-room-with-trump-negotiate-border-wall 10:32

BREAKING: Dem RIPS Pelosi: ‘Get In The Damn R...

2 months ago     28,837 Views    
breaking-trump-reacts-seconds-after-pelosi-cancels-state-of-the-union-never-before-in-us-history 08:33

BREAKING: Trump REACTS Seconds After Pelosi C...

2 months ago     25,040 Views    
horrifying-rapper-walks-up-to-teens-in-maga-hats-and-says-the-unthinkable-inside-mcdonalds 04:34

HORRIFYING! Rapper Walks Up To Teens in MAGA ...

2 months ago     12,210 Views    
breaking-maga-hat-teens-get-huge-news-direct-from-president-trump-guess-where-they-are-invited 04:56

BREAKING: MAGA Hat Teens Get HUGE NEWS Direct...

2 months ago     96,168 Views    
watch-socialist-ocasio-cortez-get-lost-on-capitol-hill 03:16

WATCH Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Get Lost on Cap...

2 months ago     5,902 Views    
cnn-suddenly-worries-what-people-are-going-to-think-after-buzzfeed-s-fake-news 06:08

CNN Suddenly Worries What People Are Going to...

2 months ago     10,089 Views    
breaking-leftist-outraged-after-trump-tells-truth-about-martin-luther-king-jr-s-dream 06:40

BREAKING: Leftist OUTRAGED After Trump Tells ...

2 months ago     27,598 Views    
breaking-supreme-court-just-handed-trump-another-victory-prepare-for-total-meltdown-from-the-left 04:27

BREAKING: Supreme Court Just Handed Trump Ano...

2 months ago     16,758 Views    
breaking-president-trump-to-deliver-sotu-speech-jan-29-as-scheduled-location-to-be-announced 05:54

BREAKING: President Trump to Deliver SOTU Spe...

2 months ago     1,592 Views    
not-a-joke-pelosi-proposes-electronic-dogs-to-protect-the-border-wth-is-she-on 04:08

NOT a Joke: Pelosi Proposes “Electronic Dogs”...

2 months ago     6,148 Views    
pelosi-savaged-by-sarah-sanders-after-speaker-questions-secret-service 06:31

Pelosi SAVAGED By Sarah Sanders After Speaker...

2 months ago     20,307 Views    
ben-sasse-leads-fight-on-the-floor-of-the-senate-against-anti-catholic-tests 08:01

Ben Sasse Leads Fight On The Floor Of The Sen...

2 months ago     6,915 Views    
breaking-women-s-march-gets-unexpected-guest-speaker-who-stuns-crowd-with-brutal-truth 06:04

BREAKING: Women's March Gets UNEXPECTED Guest...

2 months ago     12,972 Views    
breaking-swamp-speechless-after-trump-scores-huge-victory-with-china 05:04

BREAKING: Swamp SPEECHLESS After Trump Scores...

2 months ago     21,592 Views    
breaking-after-trump-attempts-to-end-shutdown-dems-react-exactly-as-we-thought 08:17

BREAKING: After Trump Attempts to End Shutdow...

2 months ago     17,314 Views    


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