Practical Engineering

what-is-air-lock 09:46

What is Air Lock?

3 months ago     179,481 Views    
what-is-a-trompe 08:50

What is a Trompe?

4 months ago     77,632 Views    
how-does-a-hydraulic-ram-pump-work 08:56

How Does a Hydraulic Ram Pump Work?

5 months ago     197,735 Views    
how-power-blackouts-work 09:46

How Power Blackouts Work

6 months ago     50,038 Views    
world-s-largest-batteries-pumped-storage 09:13

World's Largest Batteries - (Pumped Storage)

6 months ago     30,847 Views    
how-do-electric-transmission-lines-work 09:50

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work?

8 months ago     55,878 Views    
how-do-substations-work 12:38

How Do Substations Work?

9 months ago     200,415 Views    
what-is-a-weir 08:23

What is a Weir?

1 year ago     147,851 Views    
what-is-a-hydraulic-jump 08:43

What is a Hydraulic Jump?

1 year ago     83,161 Views    
how-water-towers-work 11:00

How Water Towers Work

1 year ago     638,128 Views    
what-is-prestressed-concrete 08:47

What is Prestressed Concrete?

1 year ago     45,381 Views    
was-roman-concrete-better 09:34

Was Roman Concrete Better?

1 year ago     62 Views    
does-rebar-rust 07:49

Does Rebar Rust?

1 year ago     42,240 Views    
why-the-tacoma-narrows-bridge-collapsed 08:48

Why the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapsed

1 year ago     94,188 Views    
why-tunnels-don-t-collapse 08:40

Why Tunnels Don't Collapse

1 year ago     70,053 Views    
what-is-cavitation-with-ave 08:25

What is Cavitation? (with AvE)

1 year ago     54 Views    
measure-cosmic-rays-from-your-desktop 08:51

Measure Cosmic Rays from your Desktop!

1 year ago     188 Views    
why-concrete-needs-reinforcement 08:11

Why Concrete Needs Reinforcement

2 years ago     111,259 Views    
questions-about-concrete-answered-the-basics 09:11

Questions about Concrete Answered - The Basics

2 years ago     41,405 Views    
why-bridges-move 07:17

Why Bridges Move...

2 years ago     50 Views    


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