The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

elizabeth-warren-get-rid-of-the-electoral-college 04:43

Elizabeth Warren: Get Rid Of The Electoral Co...

5 days ago     747,184 Views    
the-mueller-probe-might-be-maybe-ending-soon-possibly 05:14

The Mueller Probe Might Be Maybe Ending Soon,...

5 days ago     377,551 Views    
nunes-is-suing-twitter-for-being-mean 07:28

Nunes Is Suing Twitter For Being Mean

6 days ago     811,407 Views    
lupita-nyong-o-has-eyes-for-stephen 08:56

Lupita Nyong'o Has Eyes For Stephen

1 week ago     661,535 Views    
all-new-zealand-asked-trump-for-was-love 07:19

All New Zealand Asked Trump For Was 'Love'

1 week ago     494,526 Views    
melania-trump-denies-using-a-fake-melania 08:17

Melania Trump Denies Using A 'Fake Melania'

1 week ago     613,151 Views    
rudy-giuliani-s-secret-backchannels 06:42

Rudy Giuliani's Secret Backchannels

1 week ago     579,047 Views    
doin-it-donkey-style-born-to-beto 06:42

Doin' It Donkey Style: Born To Beto

1 week ago     689,942 Views    
a-republican-rebuke-of-the-president 05:29

A Republican Rebuke Of The President

1 week ago     464,804 Views    
stephen-does-the-math-on-manafort-s-jail-time 10:49

Stephen Does The Math On Manafort's Jail Time

1 week ago     338,750 Views    
speaker-pelosi-puts-impeachment-on-hold 07:33

Speaker Pelosi Puts Impeachment On Hold

1 week ago     482,485 Views    
celebrities-give-bribery-the-old-college-try 04:41

Celebrities Give Bribery The Old College Try

1 week ago     264,261 Views    
tucker-carlson-s-terrible-apology-for-naughty-comments 04:10

Tucker Carlson's Terrible Apology For 'Naught...

2 weeks ago     587,398 Views    
stephen-isn-t-above-doing-massage-parlor-jokes 03:42

Stephen Isn't Above Doing Massage Parlor Jokes

2 weeks ago     453,026 Views    
damian-lewis-lost-a-sword-fight-mid-show 08:23

Damian Lewis Lost A Sword Fight Mid-Show

2 weeks ago     127,930 Views    
new-trump-nicknames-for-2020-democrats 09:51

New Trump Nicknames For 2020 Democrats

2 weeks ago     2,353,359 Views    
meanwhile-the-transient-anus 05:22

Meanwhile... The Transient Anus

2 weeks ago     438,419 Views    
trump-thinks-he-invented-the-fourth-of-july 07:08

Trump Thinks He Invented The Fourth Of July

2 weeks ago     1,300,050 Views    
r-kelly-s-outburst-didn-t-faze-gayle-king 08:13

R. Kelly's Outburst Didn't Faze Gayle King

2 weeks ago     337,859 Views    
paul-manafort-gets-47-months-in-prison 07:24

Paul Manafort Gets 47 Months In Prison

2 weeks ago     302,451 Views    


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