The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

move-over-trade-war-we-re-in-a-straw-war-now 01:09

Move Over Trade War, We're In A 'Straw War' Now

4 days ago     76,757 Views    
as-trump-ignores-hong-kong-protests-steve-king-sinks-to-a-new-low-in-iowa 06:36

As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests, Steve Ki...

4 days ago     410,884 Views    
trump-s-trade-war-is-trashing-the-u-s-economy 04:40

Trump's Trade War is Trashing the U.S. Economy

4 days ago     451,420 Views    
mayor-pete-eats-his-way-through-iowa-while-hickenlooper-looks-for-the-exit 05:28

Mayor Pete Eats His Way Through Iowa, While H...

5 days ago     684,196 Views    
50-cent-had-his-lamborghini-stolen-by-snoop-dogg 09:55

50 Cent Had His Lamborghini Stolen By Snoop Dogg

5 days ago     1,132,855 Views    
tariff-man-donald-trump-doesn-t-want-to-be-the-grinch-who-stole-christmas 04:43

'Tariff Man' Donald Trump Doesn't Want To Be ...

5 days ago     597,994 Views    
donald-trump-acts-like-a-villain-to-energize-his-base 12:28

Donald Trump Acts Like A Villain To Energize ...

6 days ago     1,907,255 Views    
epstein-death-sets-off-wild-wave-of-conspiracy-theories 07:50

Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Wave Of Conspirac...

1 week ago     1,403,001 Views    
ron-burgundy-s-exclusive-stand-up-comedy-debut-on-the-late-show 13:43

Ron Burgundy's EXCLUSIVE Stand-Up Comedy Debu...

1 week ago     101,650 Views    
hey-straight-guys-recycling-does-not-make-you-look-gay 03:33

Hey Straight Guys: Recycling Does Not Make Yo...

1 week ago     525,009 Views    
dem-candidates-take-desperate-measures-to-qualify-for-next-debate 06:54

Dem Candidates Take Desperate Measures To Qua...

1 week ago     960,074 Views    
joe-biden-trump-offers-no-moral-leadership 05:05

Joe Biden: Trump Offers No Moral Leadership

1 week ago     1,143,710 Views    
tiffany-haddish-got-genius-relationship-advice-from-john-mayer 10:59

Tiffany Haddish Got Genius Relationship Advic...

1 week ago     37,108 Views    
meanwhile-this-puppy-has-a-mustache 04:46

Meanwhile... This Puppy Has A Mustache

1 week ago     348,788 Views    
jacob-tremblay-brady-noon-and-keith-l-williams-discuss-their-first-kisses 05:51

Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon And Keith L. Willi...

1 week ago     139,732 Views    
el-paso-to-trump-you-re-not-welcome-here 09:51

El Paso To Trump: You're Not Welcome Here

1 week ago     725,723 Views    
hannah-gadsby-doesn-t-plan-on-initiating-conversation-with-beyonc 08:11

Hannah Gadsby Doesn't Plan On Initiating Conv...

2 weeks ago     274,393 Views    
america-s-gun-culture-is-melting-down 10:53

America's Gun Culture Is Melting Down

2 weeks ago     710,061 Views    
will-trump-stop-his-maga-rally-crowd-from-chanting-racist-slogans 09:25

Will Trump Stop His MAGA Rally Crowd From Cha...

2 weeks ago     687,700 Views    
dems-debate-night-2-joe-biden-attacked-from-all-sides 05:54

Dems Debate Night 2: Joe Biden Attacked From ...

2 weeks ago     261,184 Views    


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