sjw-captain-marvel-fans-finally-exposed-me 08:21

SJW Captain Marvel Fans Finally Exposed Me!

1 week ago     34,174 Views    
terminator-woke-fate-just-went-full-ghostbusters-2016 08:38

Terminator Woke Fate Just Went Full Ghostbust...

1 week ago     106,248 Views    
brie-larson-fans-threaten-youtubers-with-physical-violence-and-false-flags 07:10

Brie Larson Fans Threaten YouTubers With Phys...

1 week ago     26,427 Views    
whoa-senator-ted-cruz-just-flexed-on-youtube-justice-for-project-veritas 04:50

Whoa - Senator Ted Cruz Just FLEXED On YouTub...

3 weeks ago     20,240 Views    
youtube-silences-project-veritas-then-makes-it-worse-with-their-explanation 06:48

YouTube Silences Project Veritas Then Makes I...

3 weeks ago     61,902 Views    
the-fandom-menace-youtuber-that-star-wars-girl-s-sister-is-missing 10:37

The Fandom Menace - YouTuber That Star Wars G...

3 weeks ago     52,608 Views    
rian-johnson-is-having-a-meltdown-on-twitter 08:34

Rian Johnson Is Having A Meltdown On Twitter

3 weeks ago     28,831 Views    
carlos-maza-s-youtube-pro-lgbt-video-gets-removed-for-hate-speech 08:25

Carlos Maza's YouTube - Pro LGBT Video Gets R...

4 weeks ago     52,681 Views    
men-in-black-international-a-complete-disaster 10:43

Men In Black International - A Complete Disaster

1 month ago     93,679 Views    
cnet-puts-hitpiece-out-on-the-quartering-stand-by-fellow-youtubers 10:50

CNET Puts Hitpiece Out On The Quartering - St...

1 month ago     25,309 Views    
dark-phoenix-the-worst-x-men-movie-ever 08:39

Dark Phoenix : The Worst X-Men Movie Ever

1 month ago     68,770 Views    
lol-people-are-demanding-i-fire-jessi-from-g-g-over-her-opinions 2:08:07

LOL - People Are Demanding I Fire Jessi From ...

1 month ago     45,140 Views    
lucasfilm-employees-use-game-of-thrones-petition-to-troll-star-wars-fans 06:35

Lucasfilm Employees Use Game Of Thrones Petit...

2 months ago     28,918 Views    
the-leaks-were-true-game-of-thrones-goes-down-as-the-worst-finale-ever 05:06

The Leaks Were True - Game of Thrones Goes Do...

2 months ago     303,735 Views    
another-game-of-thrones-actor-speaks-out-against-the-treatment-of-characters 06:40

Another Game of Thrones Actor Speaks Out Agai...

2 months ago     47,527 Views    
brie-larson-fans-make-racist-attack-against-geeks-and-gamers-supporters-on-twitter 03:58

Brie Larson Fans Make Racist Attack Against G...

2 months ago     21,422 Views    
the-avengers-hate-brie-larson-jeremy-renner-throws-major-shade-at-her 08:40

The Avengers Hate Brie Larson - Jeremy Renner...

2 months ago     131,405 Views    
brie-larson-s-failed-attempt-at-comedy 06:16

Brie Larson's Failed Attempt At Comedy

2 months ago     142,643 Views    
everybody-hates-brie-larson 04:27

Everybody Hates Brie Larson

2 months ago     49,752 Views    
the-lies-of-brie-larson-the-most-unlikable-person-on-earth 05:42

The Lies of Brie Larson : The Most Unlikable ...

2 months ago     111,964 Views    


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