Tucker Budzyn

puppies-see-balloon-for-the-first-time 00:30

Puppies See Balloon for the First Time!

3 days ago     48,576 Views    
my-dog-packs-my-bags 00:53

My Dog Packs My Bags

6 days ago     98,820 Views    
my-dog-reacts-to-giant-spider 03:11

My Dog Reacts to Giant Spider

1 week ago     211,804 Views    
my-dog-learns-how-to-text 00:46

My Dog Learns How to Text

1 week ago     177,699 Views    
feeding-my-dog-by-mouth-challenge 03:10

Feeding My Dog By Mouth Challenge

2 weeks ago     798,575 Views    
surprising-my-dog-with-his-girlfriends 06:50

Surprising My Dog With His Girlfriends

2 weeks ago     339,403 Views    
my-dog-reaches-1-million-instagram-followers 03:10

My Dog Reaches 1 Million Instagram Followers!

3 weeks ago     481,514 Views    
what-waking-up-to-my-dog-looks-like 03:06

What Waking Up to My Dog Looks Like!

3 weeks ago     313,219 Views    
throwing-my-dog-a-pool-party 06:15

Throwing My Dog a Pool Party

1 month ago     401,424 Views    
my-dog-begs-for-a-walk 01:01

My Dog Begs for a Walk

1 month ago     165,356 Views    
dog-vs-blow-dryer-slow-motion 00:40

Dog Vs Blow Dryer Slow Motion

1 month ago     238,831 Views    
accidentally-broke-my-dog-s-favorite-toy 00:56

Accidentally Broke My Dog's Favorite Toy

1 month ago     212,993 Views    
dog-follows-me-into-bathroom 01:01

Dog Follows Me Into Bathroom

1 month ago     209,828 Views    
booping-my-dog-too-many-times 00:52

Booping My Dog Too Many Times

1 month ago     140,351 Views    
my-dog-has-a-spa-day-part-3 01:01

My Dog Has a Spa Day | Part 3

1 month ago     104,082 Views    
my-puppy-is-so-fluffy 01:02

My Puppy is so Fluffy!

1 month ago     152,542 Views    
i-am-donut 00:52

I Am Donut!

1 month ago     91,524 Views    
my-dog-reacts-to-car-wash 03:55

My Dog Reacts to Car Wash

1 month ago     113,018 Views    
asmr-taste-test-gone-wrong-tucker-taste-test-10 03:35

ASMR Taste Test Gone Wrong - Tucker Taste Tes...

1 month ago     248,233 Views    
gunna-get-these-cubes 00:36

Gunna Get These Cubes!

1 month ago     87,044 Views    


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