Tucker Budzyn

my-dog-reacts-to-the-invisible-food-challenge 04:39

My Dog Reacts to the Invisible Food Challenge

6 months ago     139,635 Views    
i-has-spoon-i-has-egg-i-has-baff-compilation 03:49

I Has Spoon, I Has Egg, I Has Baff | Compilation

6 months ago     69,622 Views    
life-with-a-golden-retriever-compilation-4 04:00

Life With a Golden Retriever | Compilation 4

6 months ago     124,320 Views    
dog-reviews-food-with-husky-tucker-taste-test-17 03:24

Dog Reviews Food With Husky | Tucker Taste Te...

7 months ago     255,902 Views    
my-dog-reacts-to-giant-cockroach 03:03

My Dog Reacts to Giant Cockroach

7 months ago     193,927 Views    
my-dog-mastered-the-egg-challenge 01:51

My Dog Mastered the Egg Challenge

1 year ago     40,440 Views    
this-is-what-happens-when-my-dog-sees-his-reflection-puppy-vs-mirror 01:01

This is What Happens When My Dog Sees His Ref...

1 year ago     41,381 Views    
testing-my-dog-s-intelligence 00:42

Testing My Dog's Intelligence

1 year ago     79,615 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-tucker-taste-test 03:06

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food - ...

1 year ago     54,675 Views    
tucker-has-a-snow-day-vlog 03:54

Tucker Has a Snow Day VLOG

1 year ago     33,090 Views    
what-the-fluff-challenge-with-my-golden-retriever 01:17

What the Fluff Challenge With My Golden Retri...

1 year ago     70,165 Views    
my-dog-s-favorite-trick-compilation 00:40

My Dog's Favorite Trick Compilation

1 year ago     25,272 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food-tucker-taste-test 02:04

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food - ...

1 year ago     66,638 Views    
puppy-reacts-to-electric-toothbrush-dog-vs-toothbrush 01:39

Puppy Reacts to Electric Toothbrush - Dog Vs ...

1 year ago     42,350 Views    
my-dog-tries-on-dog-boots-for-the-first-time-ever 01:01

My Dog Tries on Dog Boots for the First Time ...

1 year ago     47,751 Views    
faking-my-death-in-front-of-my-dog-funny-dog-reacts 01:39

Faking My Death in Front of My Dog - Funny Do...

1 year ago     38,590 Views    
asmr-dog-reviewing-different-types-of-food 02:02

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food

1 year ago     42,912 Views    


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