ninja-goes-off-on-epic-says-no-more-family-friendly 12:46

Ninja GOES OFF on Epic.. Says NO MORE Family ...

1 day ago     135,723 Views    
petition-against-epic-games-growing-fast-community-turns-on-epic 09:59

Petition AGAINST Epic Games Growing Fast!! Co...

3 days ago     84,979 Views    
ninja-and-pros-furious-and-rage-after-epic-ruins-tournament-faze-nate-hill-lost-200-000 11:19

Ninja and Pros FURIOUS and Rage After Epic RU...

6 days ago     127,773 Views    
epic-says-it-s-over-accidentally-accuse-tons-of-players-of-cheating 10:58

Epic Says It's Over.. Accidentally ACCUSE Ton...

1 week ago     168,738 Views    
jarvis-shouldn-t-be-banned-ninja-says-lazarbeam-and-lachlan-mad-at-epic 11:01


1 week ago     144,963 Views    
ninja-accidentally-leaks-big-announcement-and-faze-jarvis-free-minty-pickaxe-easy 10:10

Ninja Accidentally LEAKS BIG Announcement and...

1 week ago     210,987 Views    
faze-jarvis-perma-banned-from-fortnite-did-he-deserve-it-is-epic-right 10:53

Faze Jarvis Perma BANNED from Fortnite.. Did ...

1 week ago     48,727 Views    
10-most-memorable-moments-outplays-in-history 17:40

10 MOST Memorable MOMENTS & OUTPLAYS in History

2 weeks ago     86,594 Views    
controller-players-quitting-tfue-says-they-shouldn-t-be-allowed-with-pc-players 10:48

Controller Players Quitting.. Tfue says They ...

2 weeks ago     62,613 Views    
ninja-exposes-epic-s-secret-changes-says-mythic-goldfish-doesn-t-exist 11:45

Ninja Exposes Epic's Secret Changes.. Says My...

3 weeks ago     84,602 Views    
pro-gamer-hates-fortnite-chapter-2-because-tfue-toxic-to-teammates 12:00

Pro Gamer hates Fortnite Chapter 2 because.. ...

3 weeks ago     55,999 Views    
free-win-glitch-breaking-the-game-epic-help 10:30

*FREE WIN* GLITCH Breaking the Game.. Epic Help!

1 month ago     63,756 Views    
tfue-and-ninja-expose-fast-travel-and-easy-elims-ninja-tfue-lazarbeam-love-chapter-2 11:04

Tfue and Ninja Expose FAST Travel and Easy EL...

1 month ago     119,256 Views    
wow-we-were-wrong-ex-epic-employee-leaked-truth-then-deleted 11:47

Wow, We Were Wrong.. Ex-Epic Employee Leaked ...

1 month ago     210,680 Views    
epic-exposed-by-ninja-and-sued-again-for-being-too 10:57

Epic Exposed by Ninja and Sued AGAIN For Bein...

1 month ago     140,989 Views    
everything-you-need-to-know-about-season-11-season-10-was-the-worst-season-ever-says-pros 12:57

Everything You Need to Know ABOUT Season 11.....

1 month ago     58,072 Views    
epic-saved-fortnite-but-nerf-controller-sensitivity-says-pros 11:47

Epic Saved Fortnite!.. BUT Nerf Controller Se...

1 month ago     154,859 Views    
ninja-nickmercs-shocked-at-aim-assist-controller-new-update-and-bots 13:10

Ninja, Nickmercs Shocked at Aim Assist Contro...

1 month ago     208,254 Views    
wow-pros-busted-for-cheating-mongraal-furious-at-epic-ghostninja-clickbaiting 12:00

Wow.. Pros BUSTED FOR Cheating, Mongraal Furi...

1 month ago     156,663 Views    
pro-bugha-says-he-hates-the-game-epic-lied-about-update-say-pros 10:06

Pro Bugha SAYS He Hates the Game.. Epic Lied ...

1 month ago     157,881 Views    


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