Ava Jules

the-high-school-advice-i-wish-i-got 13:36

the high school advice I wish I got

5 days ago     40,187 Views    
the-ultimate-hot-girl-summer-vacation 10:36

The ULTIMATE hot girl summer vacation

1 week ago     55,172 Views    
answering-all-the-questions-i-ve-avoided 12:51

answering all the questions I've avoided

1 month ago     281,299 Views    
a-cheeky-bikini-haul-2019-try-on 10:03

a ~cheeky~ bikini haul 2019 (try-on)

1 month ago     132,840 Views    
my-dream-summer-day-in-hawaii-vlog 08:32

my dream summer day in hawaii vlog :-)

2 months ago     88,649 Views    
a-very-cute-summer-clothing-haul-try-on 08:03

a *very cute* summer clothing haul (try-on)

2 months ago     82,733 Views    
high-school-graduation-in-hawaii-vlog-grwm 10:40

high school graduation in hawaii... vlog + grwm!

2 months ago     172,860 Views    
my-last-day-of-high-school-ever-senior-year-vlog 10:03

my last day of high school ever... senior yea...

3 months ago     138,591 Views    
preparing-for-the-best-summer-ever-exciting 08:50

preparing for the best summer ever ~exciting~

3 months ago     159,153 Views    
dressing-cute-to-school-for-a-week 06:01

dressing *cute* to school for a week

3 months ago     75,660 Views    
prom-2019-grwm-vlog 09:13

PROM 2019: grwm & vlog

3 months ago     114,968 Views    
high-school-get-ready-with-me-senior-year 07:50

high school get ready with me (senior year)

3 months ago     72,436 Views    
a-crazy-fun-weekend-at-coachella-vlog-2019 11:25

a crazy & fun weekend at coachella vlog 2019

4 months ago     427,972 Views    
an-interesting-day-at-high-school-vlog 11:19

an interesting day at high school vlog..

4 months ago     147,346 Views    
prepare-get-ready-with-me-for-a-music-festival 12:22

prepare & get ready with me for a music festi...

4 months ago     118,451 Views    
a-huge-massive-spring-clothing-haul-try-on 10:08

a huge & massive spring clothing haul (try-on)

4 months ago     104,304 Views    
first-day-of-spring-break-in-hawaii-vlog 08:09

first day of spring break in hawaii vlog!

5 months ago     126,527 Views    
i-hit-one-million-subscribers 10:04

i hit one million subscribers...

5 months ago     167,889 Views    
it-s-senior-year-a-day-at-high-school-vlog-senioritis 07:54

it's senior year! a day at high school vlog *...

5 months ago     127,620 Views    
prom-get-ready-with-me-dress-haul 09:21

prom get ready with me & dress haul!

5 months ago     237,446 Views    


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