Taylor Ray

battling-for-10-000-in-the-finals-against-pro-fd-drivers-in-my-350hp-ls-miata-david-vs-goliath 34:34

Battling For $10,000 In the FINALS Against PR...

5 months ago     74,124 Views    
things-go-terribly-wrong-with-the-ls-miata-at-the-biggest-drift-comp-i-ve-done-can-we-make-it-work 28:37

Things Go Terribly Wrong With The LS Miata at...

5 months ago     55,384 Views    
getting-the-ls-miata-ready-for-a-20-000-payout-event-will-it-make-it 32:00

Getting The LS Miata Ready For a $20,000 Payo...

5 months ago     35,451 Views    
weighing-engines-and-cars-iron-ls-vs-aluminum-ls-weight-ls-swap-miata-vs-stock-miata-weight-more 25:08


5 months ago     30,183 Views    
abandoned-fc-rx7-first-drive-with-electric-ps-and-a-proper-tune-works-amazing 22:22

Abandoned FC RX7 First Drive With Electric PS...

5 months ago     28,938 Views    
the-abandoned-fc-rx7-gets-electric-ps-and-finally-runs-mint 28:31

The Abandoned FC RX7 Gets Electric PS and Fin...

6 months ago     21,463 Views    
abandoned-fc-rx7-gets-d-i-y-big-angle-and-a-bunch-of-other-mods 26:55

Abandoned FC RX7 Gets D.I.Y BIG ANGLE and A B...

6 months ago     41,105 Views    
picking-the-subaru-up-from-paint-weighing-it-and-fixing-it 23:47

Picking The Subaru Up From Paint, Weighing it...

6 months ago     37,957 Views    
cummins-swapping-a-6-4-ford-fummins-build-pt-6-tearing-down-the-5-9-cr-cummins 19:31

CUMMINS Swapping a 6.4 FORD! Fummins Build Pt...

6 months ago     51,240 Views    
fummins-build-pt-5-dropping-the-cummins-into-the-6-4-ford-chassis 21:19

Fummins Build Pt.5! Dropping The Cummins Into...

6 months ago     38,199 Views    
cummins-swapping-a-6-4-ford-cab-off-and-engine-out-fummins-build-pt-4 18:54

CUMMINS Swapping A 6.4 FORD! Cab Off and Engi...

6 months ago     34,739 Views    
cummins-swapping-a-6-4-ford-fummins-build-pt-3-building-the-ultimate-tow-rig 21:35

CUMMINS Swapping A 6.4 Ford! Fummins Build Pt...

6 months ago     35,388 Views    
electric-steering-column-in-a-drift-car-first-drift-event-is-it-any-good 22:53

Electric Steering Column In a Drift Car! Firs...

6 months ago     25,901 Views    
putting-a-cr-cummins-in-a-6-4-ford-dually-fummins-build-pt-2-building-the-ultimate-tow-rig 19:04

Putting a CR CUMMINS In a 6.4 Ford Dually! Fu...

6 months ago     43,813 Views    
fummins-build-part-1-tearing-into-both-trucks 24:02

FUMMINS BUILD! Part 1 | Tearing Into Both Tru...

6 months ago     29,602 Views    
what-not-to-do-when-buying-a-used-truck 21:48

What NOT To Do When Buying a Used Truck!

6 months ago     25,831 Views    
electric-steering-column-in-a-drift-car-will-it-work 21:59

ELECTRIC STEERING Column in A Drift Car. Will...

7 months ago     32,788 Views    
putting-an-electric-steering-column-in-my-miata-will-it-work-no-lines-no-pump-no-fluid 28:42

Putting An Electric Steering Column In My Mia...

7 months ago     28,889 Views    
ls-miata-part-4-drivetrain-assembly-install-building-a-custom-radiator-and-body-work 25:42

LS Miata Part 4 | Drivetrain Assembly, Instal...

7 months ago     18,941 Views    
fixing-all-the-damage-from-trying-to-drag-race-it-s-bad 31:03

Fixing ALL The Damage From Trying To Drag Rac...

7 months ago     32,949 Views    


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