Taylor Ray

i-bought-my-first-truck-from-auction-sight-unseen-will-it-run-or-is-it-junk 19:57

I Bought My First Truck From Auction SIGHT UN...

2 days ago     43,287 Views    
i-finally-won-the-crown-ls-miata-is-slaying-epic-final-battle 29:43

I Finally Won The Crown! LS Miata is Slaying!...

1 week ago     21,066 Views    
putting-electric-power-steering-in-my-ls-miata-mx5-will-it-work-or-be-horrible 34:31

Putting ELECTRIC Power Steering In My LS Miat...

1 week ago     25,007 Views    
trying-to-get-the-subaru-2-5rs-running-for-boost-weather-trans-upgrade 22:51

Trying to get the Subaru 2.5RS Running For Bo...

2 weeks ago     28,387 Views    
abandoned-fc-rx7-get-s-coilovers-and-new-wheels-making-the-fc-look-good-again 29:57

Abandoned FC RX7 Get's Coilovers and New Whee...

2 weeks ago     24,533 Views    
the-cars-of-sema-2019-best-sema-cars-in-years 29:40

The Cars Of SEMA 2019! (Best Sema Cars in Yea...

3 weeks ago     20,428 Views    
we-got-a-new-rv-and-it-s-baller-out-of-state-drift-event-rig 16:13

We Got A New RV and It's Baller!! (Out-Of-Sta...

4 weeks ago     24,336 Views    
a-tour-and-drive-of-every-car-i-own-how-i-got-them-and-what-i-m-doing-with-them 47:59

A Tour and Drive of Every Car I Own. How I Go...

1 month ago     20,715 Views    
first-rips-in-the-abandoned-ls-rx7-so-sketchy-but-sooo-good 30:37

First Rips In the Abandoned LS RX7!! SO Sketc...

1 month ago     32,614 Views    
every-single-tool-you-need-to-start-working-on-cars-full-list 39:32

Every Single Tool You Need To Start Working O...

1 month ago     29,849 Views    
abandoned-ls-swap-fc-rx7-moves-under-it-s-own-power-for-the-first-time 26:37

Abandoned LS Swap FC RX7 Moves Under It's Own...

1 month ago     31,663 Views    
the-abandoned-fc-rx7-lives-first-startup-fab-work-fuel-system-wiring-etc 40:37

The Abandoned FC RX7 LIVES! First Startup!! (...

1 month ago     34,736 Views    
everything-wrong-with-my-ls-swapped-miata 30:21

Everything Wrong With My LS Swapped Miata

1 month ago     28,698 Views    
saving-this-fc-rx7-from-scrap-and-bringing-it-back-to-it-s-former-glory 19:57

Saving This FC RX7 From Scrap and Bringing It...

1 month ago     27,039 Views    
the-abandoned-fc-rx7-is-almost-finished-making-major-progress-full-build-in-4-days 30:19

The Abandoned FC RX7 Is Almost Finished! Maki...

1 month ago     43,613 Views    
bringing-the-abandoned-fc-rx7-back-from-the-graveyard-and-finishing-it 33:20

Bringing The ABANDONED FC RX7 Back From The G...

2 months ago     34,748 Views    
modding-my-new-go-kart-and-wrecking-it-at-the-track 28:45

Modding My New Go Kart And WRECKING IT At The...

2 months ago     26,098 Views    
finishing-the-subaru-build-and-breaking-it-immediately-on-florida-s-best-backroad 26:24

Finishing the Subaru Build... And Breaking it...

2 months ago     29,281 Views    
epic-shop-lighting-upgrade-more-than-50-big-lights-in-one-shop-insanely-bright 21:58

EPIC Shop Lighting Upgrade! More Than 50 Big ...

2 months ago     20,193 Views    
ls-miata-wrenching-and-drifting-while-giving-people-their-first-drift-car-rides 22:20

LS Miata Wrenching and Drifting While Giving ...

2 months ago     37,738 Views    


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