Taylor Ray

225k-mile-duramax-one-year-later-was-it-a-good-buy-or-a-terrible-choice 15:48

225k Mile Duramax One Year Later. Was It a Go...

1 day ago     17,900 Views    
the-subaru-is-back-putting-the-ej20-gc8-back-together-after-months-of-neglect 18:15

THE SUBARU IS BACK! Putting The EJ20 GC8 Back...

3 days ago     17,767 Views    
turning-the-ls-miata-into-a-stance-car-new-wheels-and-cutting-up-the-body 22:15

Turning The LS Miata Into a Stance Car!? New ...

5 days ago     26,810 Views    
ls-miata-first-drive-from-full-fail-to-complete-success 27:21

LS Miata FIRST DRIVE!! From Full FAIL To Comp...

1 week ago     49,128 Views    
the-ls-miata-is-alive-first-start-with-the-new-engine-and-drysump-setup 17:33

The LS Miata Is ALIVE!!! First Start With The...

1 week ago     19,431 Views    
final-fab-work-on-the-ls-miata-big-subaru-update 28:39

Final Fab Work On The LS Miata! + Big Subaru ...

1 week ago     18,695 Views    
how-to-manual-swap-any-car-complete-guide 29:26

How to Manual Swap ANY CAR! (Complete Guide)

2 weeks ago     29,250 Views    
why-you-should-not-buy-ebay-parts-complete-fail 19:39

Why You SHOULD NOT Buy EBAY PARTS! (Complete ...

2 weeks ago     22,947 Views    
the-ls-miata-is-back-together 14:33

The LS Miata Is Back Together!

2 weeks ago     27,174 Views    
the-ls-miata-s-new-engine-is-finally-in 16:02

The LS Miata's "NEW" Engine IS FINALLY IN!!

3 weeks ago     28,152 Views    
we-redid-the-shop-cleetus-came-to-league-night 19:51

We REDID The SHOP! + Cleetus Came To League N...

3 weeks ago     20,061 Views    
new-project-car-what-did-we-get-ourselves-into 15:12

NEW PROJECT CAR!! What Did We Get Ourselves I...

3 weeks ago     33,763 Views    
dry-sump-install-on-the-ls-miata 18:11

DRY SUMP Install On the LS MIATA!!

4 weeks ago     20,971 Views    
ls-miata-engine-install-goes-wrong 16:53

LS Miata Engine Install Goes Wrong..

1 month ago     29,496 Views    
ls-miata-dry-sump-struggles-buying-a-go-kart 19:20

LS Miata DRY SUMP Struggles + Buying a Go Kart!?

1 month ago     22,957 Views    
junkyard-ls-home-rebuild-final-assembly 18:35

Junkyard LS Home Rebuild! FINAL ASSEMBLY!

1 month ago     29,717 Views    
driving-adam-lz-s-500whp-r33-skyline-cam-install-on-the-junkyard-ls 21:32

Driving Adam LZ's 500whp R33 Skyline! + Cam I...

1 month ago     48,016 Views    
i-m-mcfarland-machining-s-first-customer-ls-miata-block-gets-dingleberry-honed 19:10

I'm McFarland Machining's FIRST CUSTOMER! LS ...

1 month ago     28,134 Views    
junkyard-ls-home-rebuild-ep-1-machine-work-and-bottom-end-teardown 14:22

Junkyard LS Home Rebuild EP.1 Machine Work an...

1 month ago     22,267 Views    
junkyard-ls-damage-inspection 18:15

JUNKYARD LS Damage Inspection!

1 month ago     27,318 Views    


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