Strange Parts

inside-an-iphone-battery-factory-in-china 28:52

Inside an iPhone Battery Factory - in China

2 weeks ago     105,778 Views    
this-laser-cuts-through-2-inch-thick-steel 19:40

This laser cuts through 2 inch thick STEEL!

1 month ago     41,687 Views    
how-we-finished-building-our-crazy-atm 28:10

How We Finished Building Our Crazy ATM

2 months ago     102,663 Views    
how-we-built-a-slot-machine-you-always-win 36:01

How We Built a Slot Machine You Always Win!

2 months ago     106,846 Views    
adding-usb-c-to-an-iphone-is-it-possible 13:04

Adding USB-C to an iPhone - Is it possible?

3 months ago     203,838 Views    
reverse-engineering-vintage-japanese-electronics-a-vacuum-fluorescent-display 16:00

Reverse engineering vintage Japanese electron...

3 months ago     73,065 Views    
real-or-fake-i-x-rayed-my-samsung-galaxy-phone-to-find-out 21:07

Real or fake? I X-rayed my Samsung Galaxy Pho...

5 months ago     124,315 Views    
how-i-made-my-own-android-phone-in-china 19:13

How I Made My Own Android Phone - in China

5 months ago     177,600 Views    
this-printer-prints-on-anything 14:57

This printer prints on ANYTHING!

6 months ago     105,435 Views    
etching-steel-business-cards-in-a-chinese-factory 16:57

Etching STEEL Business Cards in a Chinese Fac...

7 months ago     86,350 Views    
inside-a-pcb-soldering-factory-in-china 18:10

Inside a PCB Soldering Factory - in China

7 months ago     79,426 Views    
i-found-wireless-leds-no-batteries-needed-in-akihabara-tokyo 17:56

I found wireless LEDs - no batteries needed! ...

7 months ago     157,635 Views    
paintings-pcbs-and-possibilities-how-chinese-copies-became-originals 13:17

Paintings, PCBs, and Possibilities - How Chin...

8 months ago     76,717 Views    
let-s-make-an-exploded-view-iphone-in-shenzhen-china 11:01

Let's Make an Exploded View iPhone! - in Shen...

9 months ago     72,603 Views    
real-or-fake-trying-to-replace-my-iphone-battery-in-shenzhen-china 24:33

Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Bat...

9 months ago     109,102 Views    
i-came-back-to-china-and-i-m-getting-evicted 14:06

I came back to China - and I'm getting evicted!

10 months ago     109,102 Views    
why-i-stopped-making-strange-parts 12:06

Why I stopped making Strange Parts

10 months ago     191,644 Views    
he-made-me-buy-a-200-usb-screwdriver-in-shenzhen-china 10:20

He Made Me Buy a $200 USB Screwdriver! - in S...

1 year ago     64,989 Views    
inside-china-s-only-pinball-machine-factory 15:13

Inside China's Only Pinball Machine Factory

1 year ago     166,329 Views    
thank-you 14:26

Thank you.

1 year ago     48 Views    


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