my-new-bullet-ant-colony 23:08

My New BULLET ANT Colony

1 day ago     61,175 Views    
my-amazing-weaver-ants-the-coolest-ants-you-ever-did-see 05:49

My Amazing WEAVER ANTS | The Coolest Ants You...

4 days ago     32,223 Views    
i-created-a-pineapple-beach-vivarium-for-my-ants-super-relaxing-video 23:25

I Created a Pineapple Beach Vivarium for My A...

1 week ago     58,041 Views    
the-most-venomous-tarantula-in-the-world 27:16

The Most Venomous Tarantula in the World

2 weeks ago     53,811 Views    
project-nucleus-how-i-create-mini-planets-within-glass 27:28

Project Nucleus: How I Create Mini Planets Wi...

3 weeks ago     64,791 Views    
sticking-my-arm-into-thousands-of-weaver-ants 33:06

Sticking My Arm into Thousands of Weaver Ants

4 weeks ago     69,837 Views    
the-greatest-vivarium-i-ve-ever-created-multiple-creatures-living-together 28:41

The Greatest Vivarium I've Ever Created | Mul...

1 month ago     73,262 Views    
new-skull-island-ant-farm-for-ghost-ants-halloween-special-pt-2 25:39

New SKULL ISLAND Ant Farm for Ghost Ants | Ha...

1 month ago     97,971 Views    
fire-ants-take-on-a-swarm-of-maggots-warning-extremely-gross-footage-halloween-special-pt-1 22:12

Fire Ants Take on a Swarm of Maggots | WARNIN...

1 month ago     126,043 Views    
i-gave-my-fire-ants-a-turkey-head 18:35

I Gave My Fire Ants a Turkey Head

1 month ago     50,553 Views    
feeding-my-pet-weaver-ants-a-cricket-for-the-first-time 16:07

Feeding my pet WEAVER ANTS a CRICKET for the ...

2 months ago     62,240 Views    
these-weaver-ants-understand-sustainability 18:02

These Weaver Ants Understand Sustainability

2 months ago     50,739 Views    
my-new-pet-devil 16:51

My New Pet Devil

2 months ago     34,545 Views    
fire-ants-vs-monitor-lizard 18:44

Fire Ants vs. Monitor Lizard

2 months ago     24,960 Views    
super-cool-ant-pov-ants-moving-into-an-ant-farm 20:40

Super Cool Ant POV (Ants Moving Into an Ant F...

3 months ago     70,003 Views    
i-discovered-millions-of-fire-ants-breeding-in-my-room 19:43

I Discovered Millions of Fire Ants Breeding i...

3 months ago     40,796 Views    
believe-without-seeing-peeking-into-a-marauder-ant-nest 33:53

Believe Without Seeing: Peeking into a Maraud...

3 months ago     90,224 Views    
building-the-ultimate-fire-ant-terrarium-i-was-stung-nonstop 28:23

Building The Ultimate FIRE ANT Terrarium... I...

3 months ago     56,450 Views    
antstore-world-of-ants-an-ant-lover-s-wonderland 20:50

ANTSTORE: World of Ants | An Ant Lover's Won...

3 months ago     47,106 Views    
these-weaver-ant-nests-will-blow-your-mind 32:57

These WEAVER ANT NESTS Will Blow Your Mind

4 months ago     131,405 Views    


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