building-the-ultimate-fire-ant-terrarium-i-was-stung-nonstop 28:23

Building The Ultimate FIRE ANT Terrarium... I...

2 days ago     56,450 Views    
antstore-world-of-ants-an-ant-lover-s-wonderland 20:50

ANTSTORE: World of Ants | An Ant Lover's Won...

1 week ago     47,106 Views    
these-weaver-ant-nests-will-blow-your-mind 32:57

These WEAVER ANT NESTS Will Blow Your Mind

3 weeks ago     131,405 Views    
my-new-weaver-ants-will-blow-your-mind 26:19

My New WEAVER ANTS Will Blow Your Mind

1 month ago     123,089 Views    
pharaoh-ant-invaders-killed-my-entire-colony-sad-episode 19:16

Pharaoh Ant Invaders Killed My Entire Colony ...

1 month ago     59,625 Views    
why-are-these-ants-wearing-war-paint-on-their-faces-new-discovery 19:24

Why Are These Ants Wearing WAR PAINT on Their...

1 month ago     155,954 Views    
my-pet-ants-showed-me-this-in-their-new-ant-farm 25:32

My PET ANTS Showed Me THIS in their New ANT FARM

1 month ago     50,479 Views    
my-new-vampire-crabs-you-can-t-unsee-this 20:41

My New VAMPIRE CRABS - You Can't Unsee This

2 months ago     121,155 Views    
ants-vs-frogs-who-eats-who 25:03

Ants vs. Frogs: Who Eats Who?

2 months ago     306,679 Views    
i-gave-my-pet-ants-a-turtle 15:11


2 months ago     377,934 Views    
why-are-millions-of-people-keeping-ants-as-pets 17:20

Why Are MILLIONS of People Keeping ANTS as PETS?

2 months ago     159,413 Views    
war-death-of-the-rhino-beetles 17:36

WAR & DEATH of the Rhino Beetles

3 months ago     38,689 Views    
i-gave-my-ants-a-mouse 14:49

I Gave My Ants a Mouse

3 months ago     116,345 Views    
you-are-the-judge-singing-beetle-competition 19:02

YOU ARE THE JUDGE | Singing Beetle Competition

4 months ago     37,017 Views    
beetle-strength-test-the-rhino-beetle-games-round-two 19:04

BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games ...

5 months ago     113,468 Views    
rhino-beetle-games-2019-round-one-1-beetle-eliminated 44:38

Rhino Beetle Games 2019 - ROUND ONE (1 Beetle...

5 months ago     130,885 Views    
a-new-lizard-newest-update-on-the-antiverse 07:29

A New Lizard | Newest UPDATE on the Antiverse

5 months ago     136,311 Views    
homecoming-of-the-death-sprites-frog-haven-ant-hell 57:08

Homecoming of the Death Sprites | FROG HAVEN ...

5 months ago     113,741 Views    
angel-of-death-guardian-goblin-death-sprites-creatures-saving-my-ant-empire 32:00


6 months ago     186,187 Views    
angel-of-death-why-i-sent-a-creature-to-kill-my-ants 25:19

ANGEL OF DEATH: Why I Sent a Creature to Kill...

6 months ago     1,226,922 Views    


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