Justin Rhodes

pigs-for-everyone 15:52


2 days ago     29,398 Views    
my-simple-backyard-grazing-system-for-sheep 23:54

My Simple Backyard Grazing System (for Sheep)

4 days ago     58,569 Views    
finally-we-let-our-sheep-out-to-pasture-in-our-backyard 21:09

Finally, We Let Our Sheep Out to Pasture (in ...

5 days ago     20,843 Views    
we-lost-our-baby-calf-no-where-to-be-found 28:00

We LOST our baby Calf | No Where to be Found

1 week ago     48,020 Views    
hardcore-friend-built-our-mobile-sheep-cage-in-a-day 24:37

Hardcore Friend Built our Mobile Sheep Cage (...

1 week ago     26,195 Views    
up-close-with-nine-nervous-sheep-name-reveals 32:47

Up Close with Nine Nervous Sheep + NAME Reveals

1 week ago     36,454 Views    
this-2-day-old-calf-following-its-mother-is-adorable 20:10

This 2 Day Old Calf Following Its Mother is A...

1 week ago     40,268 Views    
new-calf-9-new-sheep-has-us-scrambling-to-keep-up 20:53

New Calf + 9 New Sheep Has us Scrambling to K...

1 week ago     22,224 Views    
the-700-mile-journey-home-with-9-nervous-sheep 21:46

The 700 Mile Journey Home with 9 Nervous Sheep

2 weeks ago     36,528 Views    
greg-judy-s-best-medicine-for-sheep-parasites 21:07

Greg Judy’s Best "Medicine" for Sheep Parasites

2 weeks ago     23,466 Views    
the-long-hard-day-s-journey-of-justin-rhodes-to-get-sheep 16:50

The Long, Hard Day’s Journey of Justin Rhodes...

2 weeks ago     25,923 Views    
what-would-you-do-if-you-couldn-t-fail-i-d-get-sheep 25:17

What would you do if you couldn’t Fail | I’d ...

2 weeks ago     39,488 Views    
sheep-are-moving-in-below-my-bedroom-new-addition-to-the-barn-house 25:24

Sheep are Moving In Below My Bedroom! (New Ad...

2 weeks ago     35,110 Views    
believe-it-or-not-i-m-getting-ready-for-9-sheep 23:22

Believe It or Not, I’m Getting Ready for 9 SH...

2 weeks ago     66,673 Views    
pasture-perfect-pigs-at-scale-400 44:11

Pasture Perfect Pigs at Scale (400+)

3 weeks ago     32,062 Views    
grandparents-built-my-chickshaw-i-couldn-t-be-more-proud 13:18

Grandparents Built my ChickShaw + I Couldn’t ...

3 weeks ago     20,567 Views    
new-expensive-tool-pays-for-itself 25:23

NEW (Expensive) Tool Pays For Itself

3 weeks ago     74,194 Views    
we-put-a-cool-room-in-the-house-this-is-how-it-feels 21:22

We Put a Cool Room in the House | This is How...

4 weeks ago     76,894 Views    
100-chickens-to-prep-1-200-square-foot-garden 27:06

100+ Chickens to Prep 1,200 Square Foot Garden

1 month ago     50,636 Views    
how-i-got-my-pigs-to-plant-grass-in-the-forest 23:27

How I Got My Pigs to Plant Grass (in the forest)

1 month ago     50,409 Views    


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