Justin Rhodes

my-24-chickens-will-flip-this-garden-in-no-time 19:16

My 24 Chickens will Flip this Garden in no Time

1 day ago     11,578 Views    
how-much-milk-does-a-family-cow-give-in-a-day 20:46

How Much Milk Does a Family COW Give in a Day?

2 days ago     15,288 Views    
i-return-to-work-just-3-days-after-surgery-the-good-bad-ugly 15:56

I Return to Work Just 3 Days After Surgery | ...

3 days ago     19,090 Views    
i-did-chores-pregnant-and-this-is-what-happened 09:58

I Did Chores Pregnant and This is What Happened

1 week ago     19,273 Views    
dirtiest-job-on-farm-what-they-don-t-say-in-the-books 21:45

Dirtiest Job on Farm | What they Don't Say in...

1 week ago     23,230 Views    
preparing-them-for-when-i-m-gone-surgery 20:03

Preparing Them For When I’m Gone | Surgery

1 week ago     24,108 Views    
how-a-homeless-man-ignited-my-homestead-lifestyle 25:58

How A Homeless Man Ignited my Homestead Lifes...

1 week ago     22,344 Views    
six-homestead-problems-i-face-every-day-eased 24:12

Six Homestead Problems I Face Every Day | Eased

2 weeks ago     22,836 Views    
injured-now-my-wife-s-taking-over-the-farm 13:09

Injured! Now, My Wife’s Taking Over the Farm

2 weeks ago     85,535 Views    
i-wanted-my-cow-in-the-stanchion-3-days-later-she-complied 29:21

I wanted my Cow in the Stanchion. 3 days Late...

2 weeks ago     16,614 Views    
new-mama-cow-suddenly-frantic-how-i-deal 25:00

New Mama Cow Suddenly Frantic | How I Deal

2 weeks ago     15,348 Views    
new-calf-crazy-cow-not-so-crazy-this-time 26:18

New Calf! Crazy Cow, NOT So Crazy this Time

3 weeks ago     21,320 Views    
this-was-not-my-homestead-dream 17:34

This was NOT My Homestead Dream

3 weeks ago     13,115 Views    
my-cow-s-about-to-birth-gross-way-i-know 19:34

My Cow’s About to Birth! Gross Way I Know

3 weeks ago     14,716 Views    
is-our-bull-ok-or-is-he-just-hangry 14:54

Is Our Bull Ok or is He Just Hangry?

4 weeks ago     16,761 Views    
what-happened-to-the-farm-after-one-week-away 09:50

What Happened to the Farm After One Week Away

4 weeks ago     21,360 Views    
they-quit-the-rat-race-to-farm-six-months-in 21:07

They Quit the Rat Race to Farm | SIX Months In

1 month ago     13,614 Views    
oh-no-does-this-mean-my-boy-will-be-a-bull-rider 34:29

Oh No! Does this Mean My Boy Will be a Bull R...

1 month ago     21,618 Views    
my-chicken-died-why-i-m-ok-with-it 23:13

My Chicken Died! Why I'm OK with It

1 month ago     24,474 Views    
all-was-well-then-our-new-pigs-started-shivering 20:21

All was well, then our New Pigs Started Shive...

1 month ago     33,439 Views    


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