Dane Calloway

untold-truth-about-reparations-ados-slavery-in-america 29:16

Untold Truth About Reparations, ADOS & Slaver...

1 week ago     47,206 Views    
4-fabricated-stories-that-history-lies-about 30:35

4 Fabricated Stories That History Lies About

2 months ago     192,612 Views    
why-was-the-term-freedman-used-to-describe-african-americans-in-history-dane-calloway-live 45:13

Why Was The Term Freedman Used To Describe Af...

5 months ago     8,202 Views    
checkmate-a-short-message-for-all-so-called-african-americans-by-dane-calloway 13:09

Checkmate: A Short Message For All So-called ...

7 months ago     50 Views    
untold-truth-about-genealogy-dna-tests-part-two 34:11

Untold Truth About Genealogy DNA Tests - PART...

7 months ago     50 Views    
untold-truth-about-genealogy-dna-tests-part-one 14:48

Untold Truth About Genealogy DNA Tests - PART...

8 months ago     49 Views    
the-lies-of-history-that-history-teachers-told-part-one-live 1:50:23

The Lies Of History That History Teachers Tol...

9 months ago     10,429 Views    
untold-truth-about-why-african-americans-are-deemed-the-minority-group 31:30

Untold Truth About Why African-Americans Are ...

10 months ago     50 Views    
african-americans-are-a-big-threat-to-american-society-and-here-s-why-part-two 23:29

African-Americans Are A Big Threat To America...

10 months ago     48 Views    
african-americans-are-a-big-threat-to-american-society-and-here-s-why 30:41

African-Americans Are A Big Threat To America...

11 months ago     50 Views    
untold-truth-about-who-created-the-out-of-africa-theory 20:05

Untold Truth About Who Created The Out Of Afr...

1 year ago     50 Views    
untold-truth-about-why-history-was-told-to-you-in-reverse 17:54

Untold Truth About Why History Was Told To Yo...

1 year ago     51 Views    
untold-truth-about-what-martin-luther-king-was-trying-to-tell-you-but-you-didn-t-listen 23:55

Untold Truth About What Martin Luther King Wa...

1 year ago     46 Views    
the-biggest-secret-they-are-hiding-from-african-americans 17:51

The Biggest Secret They Are Hiding From Afric...

1 year ago     397,403 Views    
why-you-should-never-classify-yourself-as-an-african-american-you-re-not-african 19:46

Why You Should Never Classify Yourself As An ...

1 year ago     445,235 Views    


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