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cops-called-to-investigate-smell-from-abandoned-house-didn-t-expect-to-find-this 09:46

Cops Called to Investigate Smell from Abandon...

3 days ago     25,901 Views    
family-adopts-a-new-dog-when-vet-sees-it-he-calls-the-cops 05:52

Family Adopts A New Dog; When Vet Sees It, He...

2 weeks ago     23,497 Views    
dog-refuses-to-give-birth-vet-sees-ultrasound-and-instantly-pulls-out-phone 12:16

Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasoun...

1 month ago     29,059 Views    
over-24-hours-after-a-toddler-disappeared-cops-discovered-her-pink-coat-in-the-woods 13:51

Over 24 Hours After A Toddler Disappeared, Co...

1 month ago     79,978 Views    
boy-sailing-down-a-river-uncovers-a-treasure-that-changes-his-life-forever 10:39

Boy Sailing Down A River Uncovers A Treasure ...

2 months ago     95,704 Views    
family-thinking-daughter-is-backpacking-in-asia-uncovers-her-elaborate-deception 14:00

Family Thinking Daughter Is Backpacking In As...

2 months ago     3,780 Views    
man-uncovers-old-chain-with-metal-detector-has-no-idea-what-s-on-the-other-end 09:30

Man Uncovers Old Chain With Metal Detector, H...

3 months ago     31,206 Views    
golden-gives-birth-to-rare-puppy-only-3-known-to-have-ever-existed 08:05

Golden Gives Birth To Rare Puppy, Only 3 Know...

3 months ago     21,540 Views    
she-finds-secret-factory-goes-in-and-realizes-she-s-made-a-huge-mistake 07:50

She Finds Secret Factory, Goes In And Realize...

4 months ago     258,078 Views    
man-spots-odd-silver-jeep-at-walmart-for-weeks-decides-to-approach-driver 05:50

Man spots odd silver jeep at Walmart for week...

4 months ago     36,278 Views    
wisconsin-family-opens-mysterious-hatch-in-yard-finds-hidden-marvel 14:47

Wisconsin Family Opens Mysterious Hatch In ya...

4 months ago     420,753 Views    
this-officer-arrived-at-a-home-of-reported-abuse-but-didn-t-know-he-was-about-to-meet-his-son 05:25

This Officer Arrived At A Home Of Reported A...

5 months ago     2,289 Views    
man-accidentally-uncovered-a-secret-facility-that-reveals-our-biggest-fear 12:31

Man Accidentally Uncovered A Secret Facility ...

5 months ago     799,155 Views    
this-little-girl-followed-her-cat-into-a-barn-and-found-the-huge-secret-her-parents-had-been-hiding 05:56

This Little Girl Followed Her Cat Into A Barn...

5 months ago     81,451 Views    
when-a-rescuer-lifted-this-man-from-the-flood-he-was-clinging-to-a-towel-holding-precious-life 07:21

When A Rescuer Lifted This Man From The Flood...

5 months ago     2,017 Views    
woman-marries-grandpa-but-when-he-sees-her-dress-the-weirdest-thing-happens 05:52

Woman Marries Grandpa, But When He Sees Her D...

6 months ago     194,830 Views    
divers-uncover-a-lost-camera-with-a-harrowing-history 05:50

Divers Uncover A Lost Camera With A Harrowing...

6 months ago     12,741 Views    
on-her-deathbed-his-aunt-whispered-check-under-the-sewing-machine-finds-13-million-dollar-treasure 03:21

On Her Deathbed, His Aunt Whispered Check Und...

6 months ago     225,334 Views    
a-farmer-drilled-for-water-but-what-came-up-astound-the-whole-world 01:59

A Farmer Drilled For Water. But What Came Up ...

6 months ago     179,409 Views    
after-cleaning-her-grandpa-old-garage-she-realizes-her-life-is-going-to-change-after-she-finds-these 05:48

After Cleaning Her Grandpa Old Garage She Rea...

7 months ago     130,522 Views    


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