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teens-find-abandoned-car-in-woods-look-on-the-seat-and-realize-something-is-very-wrong 01:59

Teens find abandoned car in woods – look on t...

1 week ago     39,289 Views    
man-raises-motherless-bear-but-when-he-grows-up-hunters-come-knocking 06:18

Man Raises Motherless Bear, But When He Grows...

1 week ago     21,327 Views    
man-wouldn-t-let-officer-sit-in-coach-then-she-slips-him-a-note 07:58

Man Wouldn’t Let Officer Sit In Coach, Then S...

2 weeks ago     265,569 Views    
when-guy-realized-why-bears-were-climbing-on-his-boat-it-was-almost-too-late-to-escape-alive 05:23

When Guy Realized Why Bears Were Climbing On ...

3 weeks ago     18,346 Views    
dog-reunited-with-cow-who-raised-him-in-heartbreaking-video 03:54

Dog Reunited With Cow Who Raised Him in Hear...

3 weeks ago     25,571 Views    
woman-wears-13-ring-for-30-years-looks-again-and-realizes-she-s-a-millionaire 07:49

Woman Wears $13 Ring For 30 Years, Looks Agai...

1 month ago     244,397 Views    
this-man-plots-the-perfect-revenge-on-neighbor-who-kept-blocking-his-parking-spot 05:27

This Man Plots The Perfect Revenge On Neighbo...

1 month ago     313,434 Views    
paleontologists-just-found-these-strange-vertical-footprints-and-this-is-what-they-think-made-them 05:18

Paleontologists Just Found These Strange Vert...

2 months ago     34,552 Views    
baby-growing-so-rapidly-that-his-mom-can-t-care-for-him-soon-gets-the-strangest-diagnosis 05:36

Baby Growing So Rapidly That His Mom Can’t Ca...

2 months ago     3,520 Views    
after-popular-show-flipper-ended-in-the-60-s-its-dolphin-star-went-on-to-have-a-tragic-ending 07:03

After Popular Show Flipper Ended In The 60’s ...

2 months ago     2,353 Views    
abandoned-baby-moose-in-need-of-help-meets-an-unlikely-hero-in-the-nick-of-time 04:59

Abandoned Baby Moose In Need Of Help Meets An...

2 months ago     1,906 Views    
elephant-digs-a-hole-for-11-hours-what-she-pulls-out-omg 01:59

Elephant Digs A Hole For 11 Hours, What She P...

3 months ago     3,834 Views    
china-built-a-massive-underground-tunnel-system-that-now-serves-a-very-strange-purpose 06:54

China Built A Massive Underground Tunnel Syst...

3 months ago     2,927 Views    
20-genius-parenting-hacks-that-have-been-tested-and-approved-by-real-moms-and-dads 05:51

20 Genius Parenting Hacks That Have Been Test...

3 months ago     777 Views    
strange-objects-spotted-from-space-could-change-our-understanding-of-human-history 05:55

Strange Objects Spotted From Space Could Chan...

3 months ago     3,803 Views    
man-that-finds-his-wife-unresponsive-in-their-bed-is-soon-faced-with-an-impossible-decision 05:34

Man That Finds His Wife Unresponsive In Their...

3 months ago     2,506 Views    
hero-soldier-returns-from-service-to-find-his-home-out-of-sorts 04:50

Hero Soldier Returns From Service To Find His...

3 months ago     7,911 Views    
strange-sinkhole-contains-a-wild-feature-that-caught-experts-way-off-guard 04:58

Strange Sinkhole Contains A Wild Feature That...

4 months ago     2,069 Views    
when-engineers-were-called-to-investigate-a-train-they-found-something-that-broke-their-hearts 06:22

When Engineers Were Called To Investigate A T...

4 months ago     57,299 Views    
post-apocalyptic-scene-in-the-desert-is-drawing-people-in-from-all-over-the-world 04:56

Post Apocalyptic Scene In The Desert Is Drawi...

4 months ago     104 Views    


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