Kill'em FTW

i-made-a-rage-room-smashed-everything-inside-anger-room-stress-relief-challenge 15:09

I Made a Rage Room & Smashed Everything Insid...

3 days ago     62,709 Views    
i-raced-a-package-around-the-world-who-won-will-amaze-you-mail-race-challenge 31:06

I Raced a Package Around the World & Who Won ...

4 days ago     40,924 Views    
things-youtubers-don-t-tell-you 14:40

Things YouTubers Don't Tell you

3 weeks ago     50,912 Views    
i-spent-the-night-watching-my-own-videos-and-it-was-cringy-af 21:15

I Spent the Night Watching My Own Videos and ...

1 month ago     42,624 Views    
i-spent-the-night-with-no-electricity-it-wasn-t-what-you-d-expect 15:31

I Spent the Night with No Electricity & It Wa...

1 month ago     56,547 Views    
i-spent-the-day-in-a-greenhouse-in-unbearable-heat-had-a 15:20

I Spent the Day in a Greenhouse in Unbearable...

1 month ago     188,263 Views    
i-spent-24-hours-in-a-vr-chat-room-virtual-reality-world-challenge 17:59

I Spent 24 Hours in a VR Chat Room (Virtual R...

2 months ago     148,662 Views    
can-5000-of-helium-lift-a-man 13:06

Can $5000 of Helium Lift a Man?

2 months ago     125,973 Views    
my-phone-number-got-leaked-online 15:46

My phone number got leaked online

3 months ago     47,923 Views    
i-followed-a-random-band-tour-bus-we-found 17:07

I Followed a Random Band Tour bus & We Found...

3 months ago     56,914 Views    
i-was-77-years-old-for-a-day-old-age-body-simulator-suit-challenge 14:40

I Was 77 Years Old For A Day (Old Age Body Si...

3 months ago     59,332 Views    
i-was-on-the-news 17:36

I was on the news

3 months ago     188,512 Views    
i-sent-a-mcdonald-s-big-mac-to-space-ate-it-first-mcdonalds-in-space 18:27

I Sent a McDonald's Big Mac to Space & Ate It...

3 months ago     88,596 Views    
i-spent-the-night-in-a-cupboard-under-the-stairs-it-was-luxurious-challenge 19:23

I Spent the Night in a Cupboard Under the Sta...

3 months ago     79,505 Views    
i-made-the-world-biggest-slice-of-pizza-and-ate-it-all 13:37

I Made the World Biggest Slice of Pizza... an...

3 months ago     85,256 Views    
telling-you-the-truth-an-overdue-update-video 14:29

Telling you the truth (An overdue update video)

3 months ago     90,089 Views    
i-went-metal-detecting-found-old-rusty-abandoned-safe-treasure-hunt-challenge 15:50

I Went Metal Detecting & Found Old Rusty Aban...

4 months ago     67,132 Views    
i-played-nintendo-wii-for-100-hours-straight-watch-this-till-the-end-gaming-challenge 23:40

I Played Nintendo Wii for 100 Hours Straight…...

5 months ago     71,864 Views    
i-followed-a-random-car-until-it-stopped-ended-up-in 20:59

I Followed a Random Car Until It Stopped & En...

5 months ago     98,335 Views    
i-went-scuba-diving-in-my-car-it-destroyed-it-i-do-not-regret-a-thing 15:22

I Went Scuba Diving in My Car & It Destroyed ...

5 months ago     158,856 Views    


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