an-explosive-gender-reveal-fail 03:27

An Explosive Gender Reveal Fail

1 day ago     72,059 Views    
this-restaurant-is-actually-a-sex-cult 06:12

This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult

2 days ago     46,974 Views    
we-don-t-need-directions-from-dad-anymore 03:38

We Don't Need Directions from Dad Anymore

4 days ago     165,510 Views    
everyone-should-eat-bugs-and-you-already-do 03:09

Everyone Should Eat Bugs (And You Already Do)

5 days ago     115,358 Views    
this-empty-field-is-technically-a-restaurant 06:26

This Empty Field Is Technically a Restaurant

1 week ago     40,739 Views    
don-t-laugh-news-challenge-tornado-jail 07:02

Don't Laugh News Challenge: Tornado Jail!

1 week ago     57,920 Views    
shut-up-and-buy-this-iphone 02:09

Shut Up and Buy This iPhone

1 week ago     60,354 Views    
why-musicians-are-forced-to-sell-out 02:32

Why Musicians are Forced to Sell Out

1 week ago     100,220 Views    
meet-the-world-s-saddest-baker 06:43

Meet the World's Saddest Baker

2 weeks ago     151,404 Views    
how-border-patrol-violates-your-civil-rights 03:02

How Border Patrol Violates Your Civil Rights

2 weeks ago     53,988 Views    
the-city-s-best-restaurants-that-are-nearby 04:21

The City’s Best Restaurants (That Are Nearby)

3 weeks ago     121,141 Views    
for-the-last-time-this-temple-is-not-a-restaurant 07:08

For the Last Time: This Temple Is Not a Resta...

4 weeks ago     154,318 Views    
watch-my-stuff-or-die-trying 03:24

Watch My Stuff or Die Trying

1 month ago     48,594 Views    
should-you-give-career-advice 02:54

Should You Give Career Advice?

1 month ago     160,680 Views    
how-gillette-scammed-women-into-shaving-their-legs 03:11

How Gillette Scammed Women Into Shaving Their...

1 month ago     75,467 Views    
scarlett-johansson-s-agent 04:56

Scarlett Johansson’s Agent

1 month ago     101,883 Views    
she-s-terrible-and-she-owns-it 04:02

She's Terrible, and She OWNS It

1 month ago     89,651 Views    
do-you-hate-me-or-are-you-just-flaky 04:28

Do You Hate Me Or Are You Just Flaky?

1 month ago     50,032 Views    
collegehumor-is-shutting-down 02:41

CollegeHumor is Shutting Down

1 month ago     299,876 Views    
sneaking-into-your-own-r-rated-movie 02:28

Sneaking Into Your Own R-Rated Movie

1 month ago     64,161 Views    


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