monkey-business-funny-dachshund-dog-video 02:30

Monkey Business! Funny dachshund dog video!

2 weeks ago     157,446 Views    
single-buzzing-mosquito-funny-dachshund-dog-video 02:01

Single Buzzing Mosquito! Funny dachshund dog ...

1 month ago     53,393 Views    
please-stay-with-me-today-funny-dachshund-dog-video 03:17

Please, stay with me today... Funny dachshund...

1 month ago     66,661 Views    
big-brother-is-watching-you-funny-dahchsund-dog-video 02:12

Big Brother is watching you! Funny dahchsund ...

1 month ago     142,882 Views    
puzzle-mania-funny-dahchsund-dog-video 01:44

Puzzle mania! Funny dahchsund dog video!

1 month ago     75,243 Views    
don-t-trust-cute-dachshund-eyes-vol-5-funny-dog-video 01:49

Don't trust cute dachshund eyes vol.5! Funny ...

2 months ago     115,614 Views    
you-re-welcome-daddy-funny-dachshund-dog-video 02:37

You're welcome Daddy! Funny dachshund dog video!

5 months ago     85,752 Views    
daddy-please-stop-snoring-funny-dachshund-dog-video 01:24

Daddy, please STOP snoring! Funny dachshund d...

5 months ago     47,338 Views    
from-poor-to-rich-funny-dachshund-dog-video 02:30

From poor to rich! Funny dachshund dog video!

5 months ago     57,145 Views    
tricky-dog-wish-list-funny-dachshund-video 02:34

Tricky Dog Wish List! Funny dachshund video!

5 months ago     88,102 Views    
dog-morning-routine-funny-dachshund-video 01:49

Dog morning routine! Funny dachshund video!

6 months ago     41,883 Views    
the-story-of-dachshund-sneak-funny-dog-video 01:58

The story of dachshund sneak! Funny dog video!

6 months ago     37,150 Views    
crisis-on-birthday-party-funny-dachshund-dog-video 04:04

Crisis on Birthday Party! Funny dachshund dog...

6 months ago     36,827 Views    
everyone-loves-elephants-funny-dachshund-dog-video 02:30

Everyone loves elephants! Funny dachshund dog...

6 months ago     48,514 Views    
don-t-trust-your-humans-cute-funny-dachshund-dog-video 01:42

Don't trust your humans! Cute & funny dachshu...

8 months ago     48 Views    
don-t-trust-cute-dachshund-eyes-vol-4-funny-dog-video 01:22

Don't trust cute dachshund eyes vol 4! Funny ...

8 months ago     52 Views    
mama-i-coming-home-cute-dachshund-dog-video 01:33

Mama I coming home! Cute dachshund dog video!

8 months ago     83 Views    
dachshund-winter-hibernation-cute-and-funny-dog-video 01:36

Dachshund winter hibernation! Cute and funny ...

9 months ago     108,616 Views    
moving-3-times-is-as-bad-as-a-fire-funny-dachshund-dog-video 01:42

Moving 3 times is as bad as a fire! Funny dac...

9 months ago     181 Views    
does-your-dog-love-hydrants-funny-dachshund-video 01:28

Does your dog love hydrants? Funny dachshund ...

10 months ago     37 Views    


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