The Gabbie Vlogs

for-all-my-foot-lovers 14:50

For All My Foot Lovers...

6 months ago     19,119 Views    
casually-filming-an-anxiety-attack 11:20

Casually Filming An Anxiety Attack?

1 year ago     208,021 Views    
how-to-be-thicccc 14:07

How To Be Thicccc

1 year ago     179,736 Views    
i-m-not-doing-great 23:45

i'm not doing great.

1 year ago     117,246 Views    
1-000-white-elephant-gift-exchange 22:29

$1,000 White Elephant Gift Exchange?!

1 year ago     157,372 Views    
trying-to-talk-through-survivor-s-guilt 10:20

Trying To Talk Through Survivor's Guilt

1 year ago     183,318 Views    
learning-self-defense-tips 13:10

Learning Self Defense (& tips!)

1 year ago     126,409 Views    
a-psa-safety-tip-for-women 15:50

A PSA Safety Tip For Women

1 year ago     256,880 Views    
the-best-camera-for-new-vloggers 07:12

The BEST Camera For New Vloggers!

1 year ago     135,518 Views    
i-tried-a-happy-lamp-for-s-a-d 18:48

I Tried a "Happy Lamp" (for S.A.D.)

1 year ago     298,417 Views    
the-very-first-selfie-device-rare 20:29


1 year ago     84,012 Views    
epic-cheat-day-my-diet-is-ruined 13:20

EPIC CHEAT DAY (my diet is ruined)

1 year ago     517 Views    
i-m-just-always-crying-i-guess 19:27

I'm Just Always Crying I Guess?

1 year ago     207,720 Views    
how-many-runs-can-you-fit-in-the-national-anthem 10:01

How Many Runs Can You Fit in the National Ant...

1 year ago     130,961 Views    
another-story-about-my-pathological-liar-ex 17:43

Another Story About My Pathological Liar Ex

1 year ago     154,493 Views    
i-incited-a-riot 08:09

i incited a riot

2 years ago     188,062 Views    
a-roadtrip 08:14

a roadtrip

2 years ago     179,194 Views    
a-look-inside-my-mind 10:04

a look inside my mind.

2 years ago     275,549 Views    
why-i-stopped-vlogging 05:21

why i stopped vlogging

2 years ago     83,932 Views    
drama-at-the-iheart-awards 16:08


2 years ago     6 Views    


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