why-millennials-why-google-feud-with-my-sad-friend-roomie 17:44

Why, millennials WHY?! | Google Feud (with my...

3 weeks ago     140,390 Views    
english-guy-takes-american-citizenship-test-vs-american 20:57

English guy takes American citizenship test v...

1 month ago     71,169 Views    
i-took-the-mit-morality-test 21:24

I took the MIT Morality test.

2 months ago     96,103 Views    
why-are-the-happiest-countries-in-the-world-so-happy 19:20

Why are the happiest countries in the world s...

3 months ago     81,177 Views    
i-broke-my-glasses-so 16:07

I broke my glasses, so...

3 months ago     88,184 Views    
the-most-expensive-words-in-the-world 18:30

The most expensive words in the world.

4 months ago     99,298 Views    
hey-idiots-this-is-what-real-metal-sounds-like 21:59

Hey idiots, this is what REAL metal sounds like

4 months ago     134,766 Views    
my-favourite-swedish-person 27:08

My favourite Swedish person.

4 months ago     95,549 Views    
people-still-google-this-google-feud 16:58

People STILL Google this?! | Google Feud

6 months ago     240,864 Views    
the-worst-country-in-the-world 23:25

The Worst Country in the World

6 months ago     259,512 Views    
how-being-ugly-can-make-you-more-attractive 23:53

How being ugly can make you more attractive

6 months ago     225,671 Views    
elon-musk-s-ai-company-is-kinda-terrifying 21:12

Elon Musk's AI company is kinda terrifying

6 months ago     160,376 Views    
english-guy-takes-english-citizenship-test 22:52

English guy takes English citizenship test

7 months ago     296,261 Views    
choosing-my-bts-bias 23:59

Choosing my BTS bias

7 months ago     89,145 Views    
the-most-expensive-mistakes-ever 19:58

The most expensive mistakes EVER

7 months ago     394,101 Views    
making-the-song-with-pewdiepie-congratulations-bts 22:00

Making the song with PewDiePie (Congratulatio...

9 months ago     402,134 Views    
making-the-song-with-theodd1sout-life-is-fun-bts 14:21

Making the song with TheOdd1sOut (Life is Fun...

1 year ago     25 Views    
making-the-song-about-jaiden-s-anorexia-empty-bts 15:03

Making the Song about Jaiden’s Anorexia (Empt...

1 year ago     13 Views    
shaving-off-my-stupid-beard-and-describing-my-crippling-depression 22:57

Shaving off my stupid beard (and describing m...

1 year ago     211,250 Views    
my-new-look 15:35

My new look.

1 year ago     8,980 Views    


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