The Orphan Pet

puppy-was-waiting-next-to-his-dead-mother-until-someone-rescued-him 02:59

Puppy was waiting next to his dead mother unt...

1 week ago     82,718 Views    
puppy-full-of-ticks-was-abandoned-by-the-side-of-a-road-watch-her-transformation 03:54

Puppy full of ticks was abandoned by the side...

3 weeks ago     7,824 Views    
the-smallest-and-most-vulnerable-of-the-unwanted-brutalized-and-dumped 05:01

The smallest and most vulnerable of the unwan...

1 month ago     3,303 Views    
this-sweet-dog-was-so-sick-we-almost-lost-him-but-look-at-him-now 02:28

This sweet dog was so sick we almost lost him...

1 month ago     3,454 Views    
amazing-dogs-that-survived-horrible-abuse-and-came-out-winners 03:21

Amazing dogs that survived horrible abuse and...

3 months ago     62 Views    
a-beautiful-dog-to-rescue-and-adopt 05:25

A beautiful dog to rescue and adopt

3 months ago     53 Views    
why-are-dogs-so-awesome 06:21

Why are dogs so awesome?

3 months ago     55 Views    
i-am-a-dog-rescuer 02:41

I am a dog rescuer

4 months ago     36 Views    
a-dog-s-life-in-black-and-white 04:56

A dog's life in black and white

4 months ago     48 Views    
donations-to-animal-shelters-where-does-your-money-go 04:28

Donations to animal shelters - Where does you...

5 months ago     28 Views    
why-adopt-a-greek-stray-dog-podcast 29:27

Why adopt a Greek stray dog | PODCAST

5 months ago     32 Views    
rescue-of-a-pit-bull-found-abandoned-on-the-streets-in-terrible-condition 02:35

Rescue of a Pit Bull found abandoned on the s...

5 months ago     21 Views    
transformation-of-an-english-setter-found-abandoned-and-sick 03:14

Transformation of an English Setter found aba...

5 months ago     49 Views    
family-and-pets-festival-in-athens-save-a-greek-stray 01:59

Family and Pets festival in Athens - Save a G...

5 months ago     33 Views    
thank-you-gracias-danke-ありがとうございました-спасибо-תודה-ευχαριστώ 03:57

Thank you | Gracias | Danke |ありがとうございました | Сп...

5 months ago     32 Views    
the-dog-that-won-t-heal-is-beauty-only-skin-deep 04:53

The dog that won't heal - is beauty only skin...

5 months ago     41 Views    
transformation-of-two-baby-kittens-found-abandoned-on-the-street 04:40

Transformation of two baby kittens found aban...

5 months ago     49 Views    
dog-survives-to-tell-her-story-in-a-way-that-will-make-you-laugh 04:47

Dog survives to tell her story in a way that ...

5 months ago     40 Views    
newborn-puppies-and-their-stray-mum-rescued-and-look-at-them-now 02:30

Newborn puppies and their stray mum rescued a...

5 months ago     75 Views    
is-this-a-good-dog 06:55

Is this a good dog?

6 months ago     31 Views    


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