confirming-girls-are-18-before-i-talk-to-them 11:46

Confirming Girls are 18+ Before I Talk to Them

1 day ago     473,268 Views    
ordering-from-a-fake-menu-prank 11:46

Ordering From a Fake Menu Prank

1 week ago     62,337 Views    
using-jewelry-to-find-buried-metal-detectors 11:46

Using Jewelry to Find Buried Metal Detectors

3 weeks ago     59,934 Views    
calling-in-sick-to-my-doctor-appointment 11:46

Calling in Sick to My Doctor Appointment

4 weeks ago     310,564 Views    
secretly-ordering-for-people-in-the-drive-thru-prank 11:47

Secretly Ordering for People in the Drive Thr...

1 month ago     304,400 Views    
paying-for-people-s-food-then-taking-it-cause-it-s-mine 12:22

Paying for People's Food then Taking it Cause...

1 month ago     58,604 Views    
using-people-s-phones-to-call-their-mom-prank 11:20

Using People's Phones to Call their Mom Prank

1 month ago     398,288 Views    
buying-alcohol-for-miners-ft-bigdawstv 13:41

Buying Alcohol for Miners ft. BigDawsTv

1 month ago     94,252 Views    
giving-girls-flours-for-valentine-s 11:46

Giving Girls Flours For Valentine's

2 months ago     286,930 Views    
switching-elevator-buttons-prank 11:12

Switching Elevator Buttons Prank

2 months ago     144,383 Views    
beatboxing-for-people-with-pudding-in-my-mouth 13:39

Beatboxing for People with Pudding in My Mouth

2 months ago     86,789 Views    
putting-a-price-on-people-s-heads 11:24

Putting a Price on People's Heads

3 months ago     292,317 Views    
secretly-subscribing-people-to-pewdiepie 10:55

Secretly Subscribing People to PewDiePie

3 months ago     411,284 Views    
locking-my-keys-in-my-open-convertible-prank 13:13

Locking My Keys in My Open Convertible Prank

3 months ago     118,481 Views    
covering-myself-in-peanut-butter-and-going-to-the-dog-park 11:15

Covering Myself in Peanut Butter and Going to...

4 months ago     112,114 Views    
lego-steps-on-a-human 15:52

Lego Steps on a Human

4 months ago     367,664 Views    
trying-to-use-obviously-fake-money 15:26

Trying to Use Obviously Fake Money

4 months ago     593,511 Views    
secretly-putting-a-whole-loaf-of-bread-on-people-s-heads 11:27

Secretly Putting a Whole Loaf of Bread on Peo...

4 months ago     213,244 Views    
sneaking-phones-in-people-s-pockets-then-calling-them 11:09

Sneaking Phones in People's Pockets then Call...

5 months ago     211,132 Views    
holding-doors-for-people-while-i-m-in-a-wheelchair 12:00

Holding Doors for People While I'm in a Wheel...

6 months ago     50 Views    


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