whis-takes-goku-back-to-the-past-to-see-his-mom-dad-one-more-chance 06:29

Whis Takes Goku Back To The Past To See His M...

2 months ago     120,127 Views    
true-purpose-of-the-scouters-not-just-for-seeing-power-levels-frieza-s-masterplan 04:19

True PURPOSE of The Scouters (NOT Just For Se...

3 months ago     61 Views    
dragon-ball-super-broly-new-images-gogeta-broly-and-more 02:09

Dragon Ball Super Broly "NEW" Images (Gogeta,...

3 months ago     109 Views    
avengers-4-endgame-trailer-reaction-this-is-crazyyyy 03:40

Avengers 4: ENDGAME Trailer *REACTION* (this ...

3 months ago     0 Views    
the-history-of-goku-s-losses 07:11

The HISTORY of Goku's Losses

3 months ago     34 Views    
the-story-of-vegeta-s-mother-karin-dragon-ball-advanced 08:12

The Story of Vegeta's Mother KARIN (Dragon Ba...

3 months ago     59 Views    
we-got-new-images-dragon-ball-super-broly-final-leaks-annihilation-of-planet-vegeta 02:00

We Got "NEW" images! (Dragon Ball Super Broly...

3 months ago     49 Views    
celestial-godly-return-of-goku-s-ultra-instinct-in-new-arc-pushed-to-the-edge-of-death 04:54

Celestial Godly RETURN of Goku's Ultra Instin...

3 months ago     87 Views    
how-is-this-possible-secretly-gogeta-has-what-ultra-instinct-100-confirmed 03:20

How is This Possible...Secretly GOGETA Has......

3 months ago     101 Views    
3rd-strongest-in-universe-7-after-beerus-and-whis-ascension-beyond-the-gods 03:49

3rd Strongest in Universe 7 After Beerus And ...

3 months ago     50 Views    
i-m-legit-shook-final-dragon-ball-super-broly-images-revealed 03:21

(I'm Legit Shook) FINAL!! Dragon Ball Super B...

3 months ago     49 Views    
mortal-in-universe-7-that-secretly-surpassed-beerus-now-the-2nd-strongest 04:58

Mortal in Universe 7 That Secretly SURPASSED ...

3 months ago     86 Views    
did-this-person-kill-jiren-s-family-his-master 04:19

Did This Person Kill Jiren's Family & His Mas...

3 months ago     47 Views    
goku-notices-broly-s-weakness-after-vegeta-fights-him-final-battle-starts 05:33

Goku Notices Broly's Weakness After Vegeta Fi...

4 months ago     21 Views    
the-broly-pow-pow-vegeta-song-official-ft-akira-toriyama 01:51

The Broly POW POW Vegeta Song! (Official Ft. ...

4 months ago     15 Views    
new-dragon-ball-super-broly-movie-images-goku-broly-more 02:25

New Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Images GOKU...

4 months ago     49 Views    
5-000-dragon-ball-super-characters-challenge-name-this-person 10:54

$5,000 Dragon Ball Super Characters Challenge...

4 months ago     22 Views    
these-2-characters-are-very-important-in-broly-movie-true-purpose 04:14

These 2 Characters Are Very IMPORTANT In Brol...

4 months ago     51 Views    
whis-rewinds-time-after-beerus-makes-a-horrible-mistake-beerus-final-hope 07:47

Whis REWINDS TIME After Beerus Makes A Horrib...

4 months ago     59 Views    
dragon-ball-super-2019-after-broly-movie 04:51

Dragon Ball Super 2019 AFTER Broly Movie

4 months ago     53 Views    


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