spacebusters-get-busted 11:40

Spacebusters Get Busted!!

19 hours ago     33,136 Views    
brand-new-flat-earther-enters-the-game 09:55

Brand New Flat Earther Enters the Game!!

4 days ago     56,134 Views    
the-biggest-tinfoil-channel-on-youtube 10:05

The Biggest Tinfoil Channel on YouTube!!

1 week ago     25,057 Views    
the-worst-flat-earther-ever 11:38

The Worst Flat Earther Ever!!

1 week ago     45,225 Views    
globebuster-gets-confused-about-the-moon 16:03

Globebuster Gets Confused About the Moon!!

3 weeks ago     62,159 Views    
the-wheels-have-fallen-off-a-globe-lie-tour-update 01:50

The Wheels Have Fallen off: A Globe Lie Tour ...

3 weeks ago     21,978 Views    
mark-sargent-s-flat-earth-clue-destroyed 16:00

Mark Sargent's Flat Earth Clue Destroyed!!

3 weeks ago     36,747 Views    
quite-possibly-the-worst-video-on-youtube 10:02

Quite Possibly the Worst Video on YouTube!!

4 weeks ago     48,555 Views    
flat-earth-fail-compilation-6 14:32

Flat Earth Fail Compilation 6!

1 month ago     50,276 Views    
mandela-effect-turns-the-world-green 10:14

Mandela Effect Turns the World Green!!!

1 month ago     24,794 Views    
flat-earther-is-simply-clueless 24:01

Flat Earther is Simply Clueless!

1 month ago     65,777 Views    
space-denier-slips-on-a-galactic-banana-skin 10:13

Space Denier Slips on a Galactic Banana Skin!!

1 month ago     103,213 Views    
did-the-globe-lose-in-court 18:41

Did The Globe Lose in Court??

1 month ago     86,493 Views    
flat-earther-has-a-really-bad-day 20:14

Flat Earther Has a Really Bad Day!!

1 month ago     54,630 Views    
youtuber-dreams-up-new-effect-as-he-tackles-space-station 10:52

YouTuber Dreams Up New "Effect" as he tackles...

1 month ago     29,049 Views    
a-flat-earth-riddle 15:31

A Flat Earth Riddle???

1 month ago     33,372 Views    
flat-earther-gives-us-all-a-physics-lesson 12:13

Flat Earther Gives us all a "Physics" Lesson!!

2 months ago     29,295 Views    
apparently-there-is-no-moon 11:55

Apparently There is NO Moon!!!

2 months ago     38,932 Views    
anti-globe-rant-stopped-in-its-tracks 17:03

Anti-Globe Rant Stopped in its Tracks!

2 months ago     43,522 Views    
numbers-guy-pulls-links-from-thin-air 14:39

Numbers Guy Pulls Links From Thin Air!!

2 months ago     63,179 Views    


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