finally-fixing-that-ikea-lamp 30:50

finally fixing *that* ikea lamp

5 months ago     56,329 Views    
finally-revealing-how-we-design-a-room-all-the-apps-we-love 31:08

finally revealing how we design a room (+ ALL...

6 months ago     48,068 Views    
this-reno-is-costing-more-than-i-expected-making-home-ep2-basement-reno 29:46

this reno is costing more than I expected... ...

6 months ago     60,552 Views    
a-bedroom-makeover-brought-to-you-by-my-seasonal-depression 24:10

a bedroom makeover brought to you by my seaso...

6 months ago     105,525 Views    
i-can-t-believe-my-sister-let-me-makeover-her-space-style-selected 24:44

I can't believe my sister let me makeover her...

6 months ago     52,471 Views    
thrifting-at-the-biggest-antique-mall-ft-tasha-leelyn 23:09

thrifting at the biggest antique mall?! ft. T...

6 months ago     118,605 Views    
diying-our-new-year-s-resolutions 27:22

DIYing our new year's resolutions

6 months ago     56,898 Views    
our-last-makeover-in-this-studio 24:00

our last makeover in this studio

7 months ago     130,539 Views    
we-turned-this-cheap-hardware-product-into-chic-home-decor 11:17

We turned this cheap hardware product into ch...

11 months ago     215,197 Views    
transforming-this-space-into-a-dreamy-backyard 16:20

Transforming this space into a ~dreamy backyard~

1 year ago     303,860 Views    
two-sisters-one-epic-room-makeover 24:05

two sisters, one EPIC room makeover

1 year ago     58,888 Views    
reattempting-my-diy-terrazzo-fail-it-worked 12:53

Reattempting my DIY terrazzo FAIL (it worked!)

1 year ago     132,640 Views    
diying-our-members-dms 11:45

DIYing our members DMs

1 year ago     146,531 Views    
ugly-thrift-store-challenge 20:46

UGLY Thrift Store Challenge

1 year ago     40,920 Views    
dollar-store-challenge-in-the-tacky-aisle 11:28

Dollar Store Challenge in the tacky aisle

1 year ago     33,452 Views    
make-your-small-space-feel-big 13:15

make your small space feel BIG!

1 year ago     666,176 Views    
plan-and-design-with-me-we-made-over-our-background-again 12:38

Plan and Design With Me! (we made over our ba...

1 year ago     45,217 Views    
diy-your-own-dream-vanity-mirror-setup-4-ways 11:41

DIY Your Own Dream Vanity Mirror Setup 4 ways!!

1 year ago     55,987 Views    
trying-5-minute-crafts-with-tiny-hands 15:28

Trying 5 Minute Crafts with Tiny Hands

1 year ago     104,768 Views    
styling-my-small-apartment 21:38

Styling my small apartment

1 year ago     64,012 Views    


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