bethesda-s-piss-poor-excuse-for-fallout-76-microtransactions-lies 13:40

Bethesda's Piss Poor Excuse for Fallout 76 Mi...

2 days ago     74,151 Views    
sonic-movie-producer-says-redesign-will-please-fans-admits-they-f-ed-up 10:33

Sonic Movie Producer Says Redesign Will Pleas...

3 days ago     120,822 Views    
ubisoft-to-sanction-players-who-use-custom-xp-farming-quests-that-undermine-ac-odyssey-mtx-sales 10:41

Ubisoft To Sanction Players Who Use Custom XP...

4 days ago     115,908 Views    
no-man-s-sky-director-thinks-anthem-fallout-76-should-stay-silent-after-disastrous-launch 11:47

No Man's Sky Director Thinks Anthem & Fallout...

4 days ago     102,182 Views    
cd-projekt-gets-huge-fan-support-with-1-3-of-pc-players-buying-cyberpunk-2077-on-gog 12:10

CD Projekt Gets Huge Fan Support With 1/3 of ...

5 days ago     216,330 Views    
ea-s-scummy-fifa-gambling-leads-to-kids-emptying-parents-bank-account-surprise 14:31

EA's Scummy FIFA Gambling Leads to Kids Empty...

1 week ago     223,106 Views    
g2a-tries-to-pay-off-media-to-publish-positive-article-in-light-of-controversy-backfires-epically 20:27

G2A Tries to Pay Off Media To Publish Positiv...

1 week ago     181,259 Views    
following-ea-s-disastrous-surprise-mechanics-response-uk-parliament-continues-loot-box-scrutiny 22:26

Following EA's Disastrous "Surprise Mechanics...

1 week ago     453,052 Views    
epic-blocks-steam-users-from-free-discounted-remasters-with-exclusivity-deals 13:58

Epic Blocks Steam Users From Free/Discounted ...

1 week ago     246,777 Views    
ea-struggles-with-the-perception-that-they-re-bad-guys-seriously 18:46

EA Struggles With The Perception That They're...

2 weeks ago     108,243 Views    
shenmue-3-to-offer-refunds-after-disgruntled-backers-protest-epic-exclusivity 18:43

Shenmue 3 To Offer Refunds After Disgruntled ...

2 weeks ago     138,962 Views    
pokemon-fans-protest-incomplete-pokedex-in-sword-and-shield-devs-respond 15:12

Pokemon Fans Protest Incomplete Pokedex in Sw...

2 weeks ago     148,284 Views    
take-two-ceo-trivializes-game-devs-low-salaries-disregards-unionization 25:05

Take Two CEO Trivializes Game Devs' Low Salar...

2 weeks ago     181,666 Views    
black-ops-4-report-exposes-barbaric-treatment-of-treyarch-contractors-troubled-development 23:13

Black Ops 4 Report Exposes Barbaric Treatment...

2 weeks ago     131,391 Views    
nba-2k19-pisses-off-players-with-unskippable-in-game-ads 13:15

NBA 2K19 Pisses Off Players With Unskippable ...

3 weeks ago     191,580 Views    
ea-ceo-doesn-t-get-or-won-t-admit-why-anthem-failed 20:47

EA CEO Doesn't Get or Won't Admit Why Anthem ...

3 weeks ago     96,592 Views    
they-re-surprise-mechanics-not-loot-boxes-f-off-ea 22:05

"They're Surprise Mechanics, Not Loot Boxes."...

3 weeks ago     353,490 Views    
reacting-to-the-best-worst-most-surprising-moments-of-every-e3-2019-conference 1:12:24

Reacting to the Best, Worst, & Most Surprisin...

3 weeks ago     17,287 Views    
rock-paper-shotgun-doubles-down-on-insinuations-that-cyberpunk-2077-is-offensive 16:27

Rock Paper Shotgun Doubles Down on Insinuatio...

4 weeks ago     141,872 Views    
cyberpunk-creator-denounces-2077-backlash-stop-telling-me-what-to-be-offended-by 25:51

Cyberpunk Creator Denounces 2077 Backlash, "S...

4 weeks ago     283,644 Views    


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