jackson-goes-school-shopping-pre-k 13:22

Jackson Goes School Shopping (PRE-K)

2 months ago     177,102 Views    
day-in-the-life-with-3-under-3 31:19

Day In The Life With 3 Under 3

2 months ago     135,034 Views    
4-000-went-missing-live-security-camera-footage 14:45

$4,000 Went Missing (Live Security Camera Foo...

2 months ago     197,652 Views    
toddler-changes-baby-s-diaper-super-fail 20:05

Toddler Changes Baby's Diaper! (Super Fail!)

2 months ago     79,724 Views    
this-is-what-we-ve-decided 21:35

this is what we've decided

2 months ago     204,902 Views    
she-wants-another-baby 21:11

She Wants ANOTHER Baby

2 months ago     186,182 Views    
we-surprised-our-kids-with-their-first-pet 25:58

We Surprised Our Kids With Their First Pet!!!

2 months ago     186,602 Views    
a-car-crashed-into-our-backyard 11:13

a car crashed into our backyard

2 months ago     270,862 Views    
after-our-wild-night-elle-mills-birthday-party 14:14

After Our Wild Night (Elle Mills Birthday Party)

2 months ago     158,832 Views    
married-couple-arguing-in-target 13:40

Married Couple Arguing In Target

3 months ago     62,450 Views    
baby-is-officially-walking 18:27

Baby Is OFFICIALLY Walking!

3 months ago     196,535 Views    
3-year-old-catches-baby-lizard 17:37

3 Year Old Catches Baby Lizard!

3 months ago     50,396 Views    
attacked-by-unlikely-creature-at-the-farm 17:14

Attacked By Unlikely Creature At The Farm!

3 months ago     129,075 Views    
nobody-was-safe 13:59

Nobody Was Safe!

3 months ago     101,008 Views    
baby-sutton-s-first-haircut 15:00

Baby Sutton's First Haircut

3 months ago     228,151 Views    
my-10-month-baby-is-bigger-than-my-3-year-old 10:46

My 10 Month Baby Is Bigger Than My 3 Year Old!

3 months ago     84,748 Views    
never-thought-i-d-have-this-many-kids 19:29

Never Thought I'd Have This Many Kids

3 months ago     187,245 Views    
kids-adorable-reaction-first-time-seeing-mom-in-10-days 21:52

Kids Adorable Reaction First Time Seeing Mom ...

3 months ago     75,768 Views    
i-cried-on-my-honeymoon 18:28

I cried on my honeymoon

3 months ago     147,064 Views    
embarrassing-honeymoon-moment-ocean-villa-tour 11:23

EMBARRASSING Honeymoon Moment + Ocean Villa T...

3 months ago     158,916 Views    


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