our-new-house-tour 20:27

Our New House Tour!

12 hours ago     160,471 Views    
father-and-son-fall-into-the-waterfall-fiji 21:08

Father And Son Fall Into The Waterfall! (Fiji)

1 day ago     130,734 Views    
wild-cow-standoff-in-fiji-stuck-in-the-mud 17:43

Wild Cow Standoff in Fiji (Stuck In The Mud!)

2 days ago     142,846 Views    
the-reason-why-we-had-kids-early 18:43

The Reason Why We Had Kids Early

4 days ago     123,796 Views    
she-had-to-spend-the-night-in-the-airport-stranded-and-afraid 15:42

She Had To Spend The Night In The Airport (St...

5 days ago     170,182 Views    
one-last-kiss-goodbye-leaving-to-canada 16:13

One Last Kiss Goodbye (Leaving To Canada)

6 days ago     115,036 Views    
our-kids-blame-each-other-for-what-happened 15:33

Our Kids Blame Each Other For What Happened!

1 week ago     161,576 Views    
dealing-with-our-stalker-situation-cops-called 19:15

Dealing With Our Stalker Situation (Cops Called)

1 week ago     161,461 Views    
should-we-buy-this-house-fixer-upper 19:39

Should We Buy This House? (Fixer Upper)

1 week ago     85,976 Views    
toddler-surprise-trip-to-fire-station-sits-in-firetruck 16:37

Toddler Surprise Trip To Fire Station! (SITS ...

1 week ago     88,873 Views    
why-baby-led-weaning-scares-me 19:13

Why Baby Led Weaning Scares Me

1 week ago     55,730 Views    
she-couldn-t-say-no-to-him 16:15

She Couldn't Say No To Him

1 week ago     72,013 Views    
some-exciting-news-new-edition 18:43

Some Exciting News! (New Edition)

1 week ago     100,243 Views    
baby-poop-disaster-we-need-a-new-rug 20:03

Baby Poop Disaster! (WE NEED A NEW RUG)

2 weeks ago     86,520 Views    
playlist-live-day-2-crew-tfue-corinna-elle-mills-keren-and-khoa 15:45

Playlist Live Day 2 Crew (Tfue, Corinna, Elle...

2 weeks ago     136,203 Views    
reunited-and-it-feels-so-good 11:38

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

2 weeks ago     96,456 Views    
he-is-very-sad-about-it 15:59

He Is Very Sad About It

3 weeks ago     111,753 Views    
most-adorable-baby-giggles-ever 10:53

Most Adorable Baby Giggles Ever

3 weeks ago     112,150 Views    
we-had-to-evacuate-our-house-gas-smell 18:30

We Had To Evacuate Our House! (Gas Smell)

3 weeks ago     114,301 Views    
finally-starting-to-build 15:31

Finally Starting To Build!

3 weeks ago     74,247 Views    


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