Pencilmation Cartoons

pencilmate-discovers-the-fun-of-gum 23:16

Pencilmate Discovers the FUN of Gum!

4 days ago     3,274,668 Views    
pencilmate-s-a-mathematical-mess 24:01

Pencilmate's a Mathematical Mess!

1 week ago     3,702,395 Views    
pencilmate-and-the-big-bad-wolf 24:25

Pencilmate and The BIG, Bad Wolf!

1 week ago     2,867,895 Views    
pencilmate-s-great-escape-from-jail 24:10

Pencilmate's Great Escape from Jail!

1 week ago     709,914 Views    
pencilmate-s-super-food-power-up 24:24

Pencilmate's Super Food Power UP!

2 weeks ago     487,888 Views    
pencilmate-loves-lollipops-and-candy 23:27

Pencilmate Loves Lollipops and Candy!

2 weeks ago     203,100 Views    
pencilmate-meets-the-coffee-caf-fiend 24:06

Pencilmate meets The Coffee CAF-FIEND!

2 weeks ago     126,670 Views    
pencilmate-makes-a-wish 23:52

Pencilmate Makes A Wish!

3 weeks ago     758,307 Views    
pencilmate-and-the-coldest-milkshake-ever 24:02

Pencilmate and The COLDEST Milkshake Ever!

3 weeks ago     172,014 Views    
pencilmate-s-fabulous-new-hair 24:00

Pencilmate's Fabulous New Hair!

3 weeks ago     1,316,797 Views    
is-pencilmate-a-sumo-superstar 23:56

Is Pencilmate A Sumo Superstar?!

4 weeks ago     3,039,411 Views    
pencilmate-s-easter-egg-hunt 24:19

Pencilmate's Easter Egg Hunt!

1 month ago     1,126,628 Views    
pencilmate-can-t-breathe 24:06

Pencilmate Can't Breathe!

1 month ago     1,206,923 Views    
pencilmate-raises-a-baby-dinosaur 23:56

Pencilmate Raises A Baby Dinosaur!

1 month ago     859,231 Views    
pencilmate-s-baaaa-d-party-plans 23:58

Pencilmate's BAAAA'd Party Plans!

1 month ago     5,279,631 Views    
pencilmate-eats-all-the-gingerbread-men 24:16

Pencilmate Eats ALL The Gingerbread Men!

1 month ago     454,264 Views    
pencilmate-loves-a-taxi-stand-in-pencilmation-classics 23:54

Pencilmate Loves a Taxi Stand! -in- Pencilmat...

1 month ago     759,754 Views    
pencilmate-becomes-a-king 23:57

Pencilmate Becomes A King!

1 month ago     542,919 Views    
pencilmate-and-the-unbeatable-heat 23:51

Pencilmate and The Unbeatable Heat!

1 month ago     738,787 Views    
pencilmate-finds-a-new-and-powerful-helmet 23:55

Pencilmate Finds a New and Powerful Helmet!

1 month ago     577,489 Views    


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