magnet-fishing-motobike-recovery 14:19

Magnet Fishing Motobike Recovery

1 month ago     30,494 Views    
epic-find-while-filming-underwater-magnet-fishing-videos 17:38

Epic Find While Filming Underwater Magnet Fis...

3 months ago     25,177 Views    
mysterious-bag-weighed-down-with-bricks-found-magnet-fishing 23:30

Mysterious Bag Weighed Down With Bricks Found...

3 months ago     29,489 Views    
meeting-a-celebrity-while-out-magnet-fishing-in-manchester 13:18

Meeting A Celebrity While Out Magnet Fishing ...

4 months ago     53,597 Views    
magnet-fishing-more-suspicious-finds-in-liverpool 15:29

Magnet Fishing - More Suspicious Finds in Liv...

5 months ago     28,182 Views    
magnet-fishing-in-the-dark-using-fenix-hl60r 04:53

Magnet Fishing in the Dark Using Fenix HL60R

10 months ago     39 Views    
magnet-fishing-your-questions-answered 07:47

Magnet Fishing - Your Questions Answered

10 months ago     31 Views    
magnet-fishing-a-historic-english-cathedral-city 07:49

Magnet Fishing a Historic English Cathedral City

10 months ago     61 Views    
drugs-found-in-birmingham-while-magnet-fishing 11:15

Drugs Found in Birmingham While Magnet Fishing

11 months ago     107,125 Views    
drasticg-s-new-patreon-perks-come-have-a-look 02:29

Drasticg's New Patreon PERKS come have a look!

11 months ago     39 Views    
subscriber-hangout-live-stream 22:32

Subscriber Hangout - Live Stream

11 months ago     230 Views    
magnet-fisher-of-the-week-just-ash 05:06

Magnet Fisher Of The Week - Just Ash

1 year ago     35 Views    
what-is-this-i-found-metal-detecting-isle-of-sheppey 05:11

What Is This i Found? Metal Detecting Isle of...

1 year ago     48 Views    
magnet-fisher-of-the-week-marc-gosling 07:07

Magnet Fisher Of The Week - Marc Gosling

1 year ago     40 Views    
how-are-you-live-stream-chat 1:23:33

How are you ? Live stream & Chat

1 year ago     714 Views    
how-rope-is-made-in-chatham 23:03

How Rope Is Made - In Chatham

1 year ago     44 Views    
metal-detecting-uk-knuckle-duster-found-underwater 08:10

Metal Detecting UK - Knuckle Duster Found Und...

1 year ago     29 Views    
sunday-night-subscriber-hangout 1:27:27

sunday night subscriber hangout

1 year ago     334 Views    
magnet-fishing-uk-submachine-gun-found-in-north-london 10:26

Magnet Fishing UK - Submachine Gun Found In ...

1 year ago     67 Views    
mortar-bomb-found-in-river-while-metal-detecting 17:07

Mortar Bomb Found in River While Metal Detec...

1 year ago     26,857 Views    


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