Gavin Simon

we-got-2-new-lifts-installed-at-the-shop 15:07

We got 2 new LIFTS installed at the shop!!!

10 hours ago     24,028 Views    
harry-tries-to-kill-the-miata-huge-burnout 21:26

Harry tries to KILL the Miata!! HUGE BURNOUT!

2 days ago     59,934 Views    
slamming-the-miata-scraping-down-the-block 20:04

SLAMMING the Miata!! | Scraping down the block!

1 week ago     57,363 Views    
moving-everything-into-my-new-shop 10:09

Moving EVERYTHING into my new shop!!!

1 week ago     28,438 Views    
she-loved-the-zip-lines-in-mexico-carnival-cruise-megavlog 57:18

She LOVED the Zip-lines in Mexico! | Carnival...

2 weeks ago     100,197 Views    
stumbled-upon-a-lyft-driver-being-held-hostage 20:41

Stumbled upon a Lyft driver being held HOSTAGE!

2 weeks ago     122,451 Views    
we-went-to-the-junkyard-in-the-miata-we-screwed-up 28:53

We went to the junkyard in the Miata. We scre...

3 weeks ago     67,163 Views    
first-pass-with-the-hydro-last-pass-for-the-mustang-for-now 28:53

First pass with the hydro, last pass for the ...

3 weeks ago     103,417 Views    
race-truck-s-first-dyno-pulls-on-nitrous-cleetus-and-cars-prep 28:53

RACE TRUCK's First Dyno Pulls, ON NITROUS!! |...

3 weeks ago     77,895 Views    
for-once-everything-went-right-cleetus-and-cars-prep 28:45

For once, everything went right? | Cleetus an...

4 weeks ago     22,857 Views    
i-found-15-gallons-of-standing-water-trapped-between-body-panels 14:22

I found 15 GALLONS of standing water trapped ...

4 weeks ago     82,538 Views    
giving-my-duramax-another-260hp-was-this-easy 20:19

Giving my Duramax another 260HP was THIS EASY!!

1 month ago     72,496 Views    
finally-we-found-the-problem-2-months-later 10:01

FINALLY! We found the problem! 2 Months Later...

1 month ago     66,032 Views    
the-race-truck-gave-up-with-4-days-left 15:23

The Race Truck GAVE UP with 4 Days Left..

1 month ago     77,260 Views    
race-truck-s-first-start-drive-sorta 15:46

Race Truck's FIRST START & DRIVE!! sorta...

1 month ago     67,188 Views    
racing-a-leaf-blown-tacoma-vs-my-duramax 14:57

Racing a Leaf Blown Tacoma vs. My Duramax!

1 month ago     70,199 Views    
we-supercharged-his-tacoma-with-a-leaf-blower 15:52

We Supercharged his Tacoma with a LEAF BLOWER!!

1 month ago     52,745 Views    
we-surprised-him-with-a-vintage-porsche-944 10:08

We surprised him with a VINTAGE Porsche 944!!

1 month ago     49,325 Views    
a-dallas-police-helicopter-shut-down-my-meet-2-500-people 23:37

A Dallas Police Helicopter shut down my meet!...

1 month ago     59,224 Views    
a-mustang-s-coyote-engine-in-my-race-truck 17:27

A Mustang's Coyote Engine in my Race Truck!

1 month ago     32,740 Views    


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