Gavin Simon

i-bought-a-cheap-gt500-that-was-broken-then-fixed-it-for-16 14:01

I bought a CHEAP GT500 that was “Broken,” the...

1 day ago     178,115 Views    
purchasing-the-cheapest-running-gt500-i-could-find-we-can-fix-it 16:49

Purchasing the Cheapest ‘Running’ GT500 I cou...

3 days ago     159,578 Views    
why-i-won-t-be-driving-my-2020-at4-duramax 23:19

Why I won't be driving my 2020 AT4 Duramax..

5 days ago     141,338 Views    
saying-my-goodbyes-to-the-1967-camaro-s-original-engine 19:06

Saying My Goodbyes to the 1967 Camaro's Origi...

1 week ago     104,134 Views    
restoring-my-all-original-1967-camaro-ep-2-dropping-off-for-paint-body 13:56

Restoring My ALL ORIGINAL 1967 Camaro Ep. 2 -...

1 week ago     38,423 Views    
building-a-big-turbo-d-miata-in-18-minutes-giving-it-away 19:21

Building a Big Turbo’d Miata in 18 Minutes! *...

1 week ago     146,386 Views    
unboxing-my-insane-new-1-500hp-5-2l-voodoo-engine 16:55

Unboxing my INSANE new 1,500hp 5.2L VooDoo En...

2 weeks ago     137,835 Views    
restoring-my-all-original-1967-camaro-ep-1-pulling-the-engine-trans 20:31

Restoring My ALL ORIGINAL 1967 Camaro Ep. 1 -...

2 weeks ago     131,894 Views    
350z-blew-a-rod-trying-to-beat-my-turbo-d-miata 17:18

350z Blew a Rod trying to Beat my Turbo'd Mia...

2 weeks ago     141,663 Views    
my-new-forged-carbon-steering-wheel-costs-more-than-my-car 18:15

My New FORGED Carbon Steering Wheel Costs MOR...

3 weeks ago     128,041 Views    
my-entire-life-story-told-through-a-car-s-pov 18:30

My Entire Life Story told Through a Car's POV...

3 weeks ago     98,901 Views    
meep-is-done-here-s-what-was-wrong-on-my-turbo-miata 14:13

MEEP IS DONE! Here’s what was wrong on my Tur...

4 weeks ago     57,609 Views    
the-irs-forced-me-to-buy-a-2020-at4-duramax 21:05

The IRS forced me to buy a 2020 AT4 DuraMax...

4 weeks ago     66,530 Views    
attempting-to-buy-my-first-bentley-in-cash-plot-twist 10:58

Attempting to Buy My First Bentley IN CASH!! ...

1 month ago     72,394 Views    
big-turbo-s2000-destroys-my-500whp-camaro 13:50

Big Turbo S2000 DESTROYS my 500whp Camaro!

1 month ago     68,434 Views    
here-s-the-plans-for-doug-s-new-2jz-drift-build 19:32

Here’s the Plans for Doug’s new 2JZ DRIFT BUILD!

1 month ago     25,620 Views    
touring-one-of-the-largest-tool-manufacturers-in-the-usa 15:14

Touring one of the LARGEST tool manufacturers...

1 month ago     62,471 Views    
don-t-try-this-at-home 12:43

Don't try this at home.

1 month ago     26,237 Views    
letting-friends-pick-my-first-tattoo 17:47


1 month ago     83,157 Views    
satan-s-new-engine-locked-up-during-assembly 15:40

Satan's New Engine LOCKED UP during assembly...

1 month ago     118,845 Views    


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