Fortnite Focus

the-new-god-of-fortnite-best-player-in-the-world 13:19

The New God of Fortnite (Best Player in the W...

1 week ago     72,428 Views    
season-1-bugha-vs-world-champion-bugha 14:30

Season 1 Bugha vs World Champion Bugha

1 week ago     131,552 Views    
streamers-react-to-new-rift-fish-mobility-back-in-fortnite 13:30


1 week ago     42,426 Views    
you-won-t-believe-how-many-tfue-got-in-friday-nite-tournament 19:04

You won't believe how many Tfue got in Friday...

1 week ago     121,897 Views    
tfue-played-europe-brazil-cash-cup-and-this-happened 18:52

Tfue played Europe & Brazil Cash Cup and this...

1 week ago     137,385 Views    
no-one-could-stop-tilted-towers-tfue 19:45

No One Could Stop Tilted Towers Tfue...

2 weeks ago     49,904 Views    
tfue-impresses-her-after-destroying-every-stream-sniper 19:52

Tfue IMPRESSES Her After Destroying Every Str...

2 weeks ago     62,194 Views    
this-is-what-happens-when-tfue-gets-mad 19:16

This is what happens when Tfue gets MAD...

2 weeks ago     51,625 Views    
no-one-can-stop-tfue-and-his-team-in-champion-series-tournament 20:13

No One Can Stop Tfue and His Team in Champion...

2 weeks ago     87,960 Views    
tfue-proves-he-is-10x-better-than-everyone-else-in-his-game 18:52

Tfue Proves He is 10x Better Than Everyone El...

2 weeks ago     113,144 Views    
tfue-gets-revenge-on-every-stream-sniper-in-solo-cash-cup 19:10

Tfue Gets REVENGE on Every Stream Sniper in S...

3 weeks ago     68,448 Views    
tfue-nervous-after-cracked-girls-challenge-him-tfue-gets-pickaxed 13:18

Tfue NERVOUS After CRACKED Girls Challenge Hi...

3 weeks ago     50,615 Views    
tfue-does-5-edits-in-0-68-seconds-to-destroy-everyone 17:59

Tfue Does 5 Edits in 0.68 Seconds to DESTROY ...

3 weeks ago     122,839 Views    
tfue-explains-why-jarvis-permaban-is-unfair-needs-to-change 14:00

Tfue Explains Why Jarvis *PERMABAN* is UNFAIR...

4 weeks ago     56,946 Views    
tfue-activates-god-mode-with-new-harpoon-gun-in-fortnite 20:47

Tfue Activates GOD MODE with New Harpoon Gun ...

4 weeks ago     53,490 Views    
season-1-mongraal-vs-faze-mongraal 16:12

Season 1 Mongraal vs FaZe Mongraal

1 month ago     513,699 Views    
tfue-earns-first-place-in-first-fncs-squads-tournament 21:44

Tfue Earns *FIRST PLACE* in First FNCS Squads...

1 month ago     48,131 Views    
faze-tfue-vs-new-tfue 17:30

FaZe Tfue vs. New Tfue

1 month ago     44,078 Views    
tfue-shows-off-his-solo-skills-in-dominate-cash-cup-victory 22:44

Tfue Shows Off His Solo Skills in DOMINATE Ca...

1 month ago     45,296 Views    
tfue-destroys-pros-in-last-chance-to-qualify-for-champion-series 21:06

Tfue DESTROYS Pros in LAST CHANCE to Qualify ...

1 month ago     105,136 Views    


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