Fortnite Focus

tfue-uses-og-combo-to-destroy-everyone-in-his-way 16:33

Tfue Uses *OG* Combo to DESTROY Everyone in h...

23 hours ago     81,632 Views    
tfue-finds-cracked-random-duo-who-can-do-this 19:06

Tfue Finds *CRACKED* Random Duo Who Can Do Th...

2 days ago     111,048 Views    
tfue-shows-amazing-trio-teamwork-in-back-to-back-pro-wins 16:52

Tfue Shows AMAZING Trio Teamwork in Back to B...

1 week ago     81,243 Views    
tfue-destroys-bugha-in-1v3-then-says-this 10:07

Tfue *DESTROYS* Bugha in 1v3 Then Says This...

1 week ago     209,526 Views    
tfue-jealous-spectating-bugha-destroy-pro-scrims 20:39

Tfue *JEALOUS* Spectating Bugha DESTROY Pro S...

1 week ago     40,869 Views    
faze-sway-dominates-1v1-tournament-until-he-plays-him 18:04

FaZe Sway DOMINATES 1v1 Tournament Until He P...

2 weeks ago     119,575 Views    
faze-sway-calls-out-tfue-gets-destroyed-in-1v1 14:20

FaZe Sway CALLS OUT Tfue & Gets DESTROYED in 1v1

2 weeks ago     161,628 Views    
tfue-regrets-ditching-cloak-after-seeing-this 22:41

Tfue *REGRETS* Ditching Cloak After Seeing Th...

2 weeks ago     36,370 Views    
bugha-impressed-spectating-ninja-destroy-in-friday-fortnite 12:26

Bugha *IMPRESSED* Spectating Ninja DESTROY in...

2 weeks ago     147,879 Views    
tfue-not-happy-with-new-brute-season-x 15:09

Tfue *NOT HAPPY* with *NEW* BRUTE & Season X...

2 weeks ago     68,006 Views    
bugha-exposes-tfue-lying-while-showing-off-his-skills-talks-world-cup 22:00

Bugha *EXPOSES* Tfue Lying While Showing Off ...

3 weeks ago     146,122 Views    
tfue-explains-why-world-cup-was-unfair-how-players-could-cheat 10:28

Tfue Explains Why World Cup Was UNFAIR & How ...

3 weeks ago     186,371 Views    
tfue-creates-new-trios-team-and-destroys-everyone 23:37

Tfue CREATES *NEW* Trios Team and DESTROYS Ev...

3 weeks ago     94,186 Views    
everyone-in-disbelief-tfue-faze-sway-clix-destroy-pros-in-trios-cash-cup-finals 17:19

Everyone in DISBELIEF Tfue, FaZe Sway & Clix ...

1 month ago     135,765 Views    
tfue-first-win-in-arena-trios-with-faze-sway-corinna 13:41

Tfue *FIRST WIN* in ARENA TRIOS with FaZe Swa...

1 month ago     399,619 Views    
16-minutes-of-tfue-amazed-spectating-faze-sway-dominate 16:24

16 Minutes of Tfue AMAZED Spectating FaZe Swa...

1 month ago     249,719 Views    
tfue-faze-sway-cracked-world-record-in-champion-division-tfue-spectates-faze-sway 16:47

Tfue & FaZe Sway *CRACKED* World Record in Ch...

1 month ago     269,144 Views    
tfue-finally-switches-to-controller-and-explains-why-tfue-buys-controller 11:36

Tfue FINALLY Switches to Controller and Expla...

1 month ago     242,674 Views    
faze-sway-ninja-super-intense-vs-mongraal-mitr0-in-friday-fortnite 12:58

FaZe Sway & Ninja *SUPER INTENSE* vs Mongraal...

1 month ago     189,160 Views    
tfue-shows-why-cracked-aim-means-everything-in-fortnite 13:10

Tfue Shows Why *CRACKED* AIM Means EVERYTHING...

1 month ago     135,682 Views    


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