Andrew Camarata

stream-boating 25:24

Stream boating

1 day ago     87,774 Views    
working-with-a-pettibone-crane 16:15

Working with a Pettibone crane

3 days ago     50,040 Views    
smoothing-out-a-driveway 19:05

Smoothing out a driveway

4 days ago     44,837 Views    
steel-delivery-for-container-building-roof 09:59

Steel delivery for container building roof

5 days ago     61,979 Views    
buying-a-skidsteer-concrete-mixer 24:25

Buying a skidsteer concrete mixer

1 week ago     130,638 Views    
buying-cheap-boats 38:08

Buying cheap boats

2 weeks ago     32,741 Views    
spreading-gravel-and-spliting-wood 24:18

Spreading gravel and spliting wood

2 weeks ago     43,086 Views    
talking-about-every-vehicle-i-ve-had 2:16:14

Talking about every vehicle I've had

2 weeks ago     48,324 Views    
buying-a-new-pickup-truck 1:37:29

Buying a new pickup truck

4 weeks ago     19,139 Views    
jetski-riding 27:24

Jetski riding

1 month ago     35,537 Views    
fixing-a-boat-motor-and-boating 32:20

Fixing a boat motor and boating

1 month ago     45,119 Views    
moving-a-chicken-coop 15:16

Moving a chicken coop

1 month ago     45,226 Views    
re-grading-a-driveway 12:39

Re-grading a driveway

1 month ago     46,023 Views    
cleaning-up-fallen-trees 09:49

Cleaning up fallen trees

1 month ago     66,678 Views    
removing-dead-trees 18:37

Removing dead trees

1 month ago     54,406 Views    
clearing-trees-around-a-house 27:37

Clearing trees around a house

1 month ago     31,381 Views    
mowing-an-overgrown-field 15:16

Mowing an overgrown field

2 months ago     31,861 Views    
moving-a-box-truck-body 14:56

Moving a box truck body

2 months ago     57,484 Views    
moving-a-building 36:41

Moving a building

2 months ago     97,837 Views    
screening-different-size-rocks 18:43

Screening different size rocks

2 months ago     60,165 Views    


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