Andrew Camarata

refurbishing-a-5-ton-equipment-trailer 1:44:43

Refurbishing a 5 ton equipment trailer

1 week ago     31,851 Views    
setting-trusses-with-a-boom-lift 16:02

Setting trusses with a boom lift

1 week ago     39,070 Views    
servicing-the-utv 20:30

Servicing the UTV

3 weeks ago     48,272 Views    
fixing-a-driveway 28:13

Fixing a driveway

4 weeks ago     45,911 Views    
brush-mowing-an-island 14:44

Brush mowing an island

1 month ago     69,168 Views    
digging-out-stumps 32:54

Digging out stumps

1 month ago     23,136 Views    
buying-more-cheap-waverunners 1:04:13

Buying more cheap Waverunners

1 month ago     82,657 Views    
fixing-a-steering-cylinder-on-a-tractor 28:58

Fixing a steering cylinder on a tractor

1 month ago     56,711 Views    
installing-an-underground-electric-service 54:37

Installing an underground electric service

1 month ago     53,030 Views    
cleaning-up-a-tire-dump 40:50

Cleaning up a tire dump

1 month ago     52,774 Views    
installing-a-new-driveway 57:55

Installing a new driveway

1 month ago     29,886 Views    
installing-a-new-driveway 56:23

Installing a new driveway

1 month ago     27,547 Views    
installing-a-wheel-bearing-in-a-dump-truck 18:27

Installing a wheel bearing in a dump truck

1 month ago     35,752 Views    
fixing-the-other-50-wave-runner 40:11

Fixing the other $50 Wave Runner

2 months ago     24,980 Views    
setting-up-a-shipping-container-cabin 24:09

Setting up a shipping container cabin

2 months ago     42,339 Views    
buying-a-skid-steer-mower 16:01

Buying a skid steer mower

2 months ago     128,075 Views    
spreading-top-soil 16:27

Spreading top soil

2 months ago     67,579 Views    
cleaning-up-garbage-after-a-demo-job 38:41

Cleaning up garbage after a demo job

2 months ago     41,442 Views    
burying-another-propane-tank 35:02

Burying another propane tank

2 months ago     21,569 Views    
making-an-excavator-bucket-pin 20:53

Making an excavator bucket pin

2 months ago     36,867 Views    


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