Andrew Camarata

setting-up-the-ihi-track-loader-to-run-a-cement-mixer 15:30

Setting up the IHI track loader to run a ceme...

3 months ago     50,564 Views    
dismantling-a-pickup-truck 26:39

Dismantling a pickup truck

4 months ago     65,497 Views    
welding-a-grapple-bucket 20:24

Welding a grapple bucket

4 months ago     45,678 Views    
fixing-a-skid-steer-track 08:08

Fixing a skid steer track

4 months ago     50,406 Views    
pouring-concrete-on-the-container-castle 21:28

Pouring concrete on the container castle

4 months ago     63,866 Views    
more-container-castle-metal-work 36:59

More container castle metal work

4 months ago     77,923 Views    
burning-a-brush-pile 18:16

Burning a brush pile

5 months ago     46,767 Views    
clearing-land-with-a-dozer 1:18:18

Clearing land with a dozer

5 months ago     52,476 Views    
setting-spancrete-floor-panels 22:33

Setting spancrete floor panels

5 months ago     153,484 Views    
container-building-roof-metal-work 1:13:49

Container building roof metal work

5 months ago     86,403 Views    
pickup-truck-repairs 27:41

Pickup truck repairs

5 months ago     50,251 Views    
undercoating-vehicles 21:14

Undercoating vehicles

5 months ago     46,985 Views    
removing-a-shed-and-widening-a-driveway 35:26

Removing a shed and widening a driveway

6 months ago     65,769 Views    
working-on-a-hot-tub 22:12

Working on a hot tub

6 months ago     90,424 Views    
stream-boating 25:24

Stream boating

6 months ago     87,777 Views    
working-with-a-pettibone-crane 16:15

Working with a Pettibone crane

6 months ago     50,040 Views    
smoothing-out-a-driveway 19:05

Smoothing out a driveway

6 months ago     44,837 Views    
steel-delivery-for-container-building-roof 09:59

Steel delivery for container building roof

6 months ago     61,981 Views    
fixing-a-washing-machine 15:06

Fixing a washing machine

6 months ago     184,168 Views    
buying-a-skidsteer-concrete-mixer 24:25

Buying a skidsteer concrete mixer

7 months ago     130,638 Views    


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