Earthling Ed

vegan-vs-sheep-farmer-sheep-are-the-ultimate-renewable-technology 07:40

Vegan vs Sheep Farmer: "Sheep are the Ultimat...

1 year ago     123,676 Views    
we-should-all-be-vegan-change-my-mind 50:13

We Should All Be Vegan | Change My Mind

1 year ago     253,923 Views    
texan-cowboys-meet-vegan-protesters 13:52

Texan Cowboys Meet Vegan Protesters

1 year ago     418,850 Views    
public-debate-veganism-doesn-t-matter 39:29

Public Debate: Veganism Doesn't Matter

1 year ago     157,684 Views    
human-rights-activist-disrupts-vegan-event 12:11

Human Rights Activist Disrupts Vegan Event

2 years ago     114,685 Views    
vegan-visits-uk-pig-farm 04:29

Vegan Visits UK Pig Farm

2 years ago     4,926 Views    
i-m-not-the-same-person-that-i-used-to-be-tour-vlog 18:46

I'm Not the Same Person That I Used to Be (To...

2 years ago     24,584 Views    
meat-eater-breaks-down-after-seeing-the-truth 10:37

Meat Eater Breaks Down After Seeing the Truth

2 years ago     281,810 Views    
god-says-that-i-can-eat-animals 04:58

God Says That I Can Eat Animals

2 years ago     28,934 Views    
what-about-farmer-s-jobs 03:38

What About Farmer's Jobs?

2 years ago     3,662 Views    
animals-eat-other-animals 02:42

Animals Eat Other Animals

2 years ago     4,838 Views    
it-s-my-personal-choice-to-eat-animals 03:00

It's My Personal Choice To Eat Animals

2 years ago     2,218 Views    
can-you-love-animals-and-eat-them-30-days-30-excuses 02:40

Can You Love Animals and Eat Them? 30 Days, 3...

2 years ago     6,023 Views    
vegan-visits-uk-dairy-farm 04:25

Vegan Visits UK Dairy Farm

2 years ago     9,555 Views    
vegans-take-on-police-to-save-a-turkey-s-life 10:07


2 years ago     5,408 Views    
farmers-fail-to-justify-killing-animals 13:02

Farmers Fail to Justify Killing Animals

2 years ago     4,873 Views    
what-scares-you-the-most-halloween-special 14:11

What Scares You the Most? Halloween Special

2 years ago     8,782 Views    
vegan-visits-dairy-farm 08:17

Vegan Visits Dairy Farm

2 years ago     387,219 Views    
animal-lover-tries-to-justify-wearing-fur 20:39

Animal Lover Tries to Justify Wearing Fur

3 years ago     33,232 Views    
lidlsurprises-christmas-turkey-advert-2016-the-truth 02:19

#LidlSurprises: Christmas Turkey Advert 2016 ...

3 years ago     15,175 Views    


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