the-smart-girl-trope-explained 17:50

The Smart Girl Trope, Explained

5 months ago     109,717 Views    
riverdale-s-betty-and-the-death-of-the-nice-girl 16:53

Riverdale’s Betty and the Death of the Nice Girl

5 months ago     57,705 Views    
marriage-story-explained-themes-meaning-and-true-story 22:12

Marriage Story Explained: Themes, Meaning and...

5 months ago     74,181 Views    
parasite-ending-explained-stairway-to-nowhere 24:58

Parasite, Ending Explained - Stairway to Nowhere

5 months ago     27,814 Views    
the-tough-girl-trope-explained 20:05

The Tough Girl Trope, Explained

5 months ago     68,725 Views    
tearing-rick-down-rick-and-morty-s4-explained-so-far 20:49

Tearing Rick Down - Rick and Morty S4 Explain...

6 months ago     319,022 Views    
the-cool-girl-trope-explained 19:17

The Cool Girl Trope, Explained

6 months ago     92,826 Views    
bridesmaids-megan-why-it-s-hard-to-make-adult-friends 17:01

Bridesmaids: Megan - Why It's Hard to Make Ad...

7 months ago     19,731 Views    
orange-is-the-new-black-ending-explained-pennsatucky-cindy-lorna-gloria-and-maria 20:09

Orange Is the New Black Ending Explained: Pen...

7 months ago     50,687 Views    
the-matrix-ending-explained-a-guide-to-freeing-your-mind 26:25

The Matrix Ending Explained: A Guide to Freei...

10 months ago     485,672 Views    
eyes-wide-shut-ending-themes-and-symbols-explained 26:44

Eyes Wide Shut: Ending, Themes and Symbols Ex...

11 months ago     107,314 Views    
game-of-thrones-gendry-the-last-baratheon-standing 16:24

Game of Thrones: Gendry, the Last Baratheon S...

1 year ago     53,615 Views    
sherlock-the-loner-genius-myth 15:31

Sherlock: The Loner Genius Myth

1 year ago     27,857 Views    
friends-ross-and-rachel-love-worth-waiting-for 23:05

Friends: Ross and Rachel - Love Worth Waiting...

1 year ago     24,703 Views    
mad-men-ending-explained 21:58

Mad Men: Ending Explained

1 year ago     74,481 Views    
breaking-bad-ending-explained-part-2-saving-jesse 21:38

Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 2: Saving...

1 year ago     54,420 Views    
breaking-bad-ending-explained-part-1-did-walt-win-or-lose 20:21

Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Wa...

1 year ago     783,820 Views    
gunther-the-cautionary-tale-of-friends 16:03

Gunther: The Cautionary Tale of Friends

1 year ago     65,387 Views    
interstellar-ending-explained 20:49

Interstellar: Ending Explained

1 year ago     686,325 Views    
mary-poppins-wake-from-your-sleepwalking 16:06

Mary Poppins: Wake from Your Sleepwalking

1 year ago     28,333 Views    


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