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frenchie-busts-out-hilarious-dance-moves-to-try-and-impress-cat 00:29

Frenchie busts out hilarious dance moves to t...

1 day ago     44,735 Views    
puppy-totally-loses-it-after-being-allowed-to-play-on-bed 01:04

Puppy totally loses it after being allowed to...

2 weeks ago     15,341 Views    
german-shepherd-acts-as-mom-s-alarm-clock-for-the-kids 00:34

German Shepherd Acts As Mom's Alarm Clock For...

3 weeks ago     35,348 Views    
big-puppy-is-adorably-scared-of-escalators 00:35

Big Puppy Is Adorably Scared of Escalators

1 month ago     42,808 Views    
dog-finds-cat-in-her-bed-throws-epic-temper-tantrum 01:12

Dog finds cat in her bed, throws epic temper ...

1 month ago     28,168 Views    
husky-wants-sleep-but-german-shepherd-has-other-plans 00:55

Husky wants sleep but German Shepherd has oth...

2 months ago     38,068 Views    
puppy-makes-odd-choice-when-asked-to-pick-favorite-toy 00:46

Puppy makes odd choice when asked to pick fav...

2 months ago     50,682 Views    
stubborn-dog-makes-hilarious-face-when-asked-to-leave-car 00:46

Stubborn dog makes hilarious face when asked ...

2 months ago     66,793 Views    
loyal-dog-refuses-to-give-in-after-being-tested-by-owner 02:01

Loyal dog refuses to give in after being test...

3 months ago     43,372 Views    
hilarious-dog-interactions-caught-on-camera-dog-compilation-2019 04:47

Hilarious Dog Interactions Caught on Camera |...

3 months ago     35,859 Views    
clever-great-dane-knows-exactly-what-to-do-when-it-s-bath-time 01:07

Clever Great Dane knows exactly what to do wh...

3 months ago     73,842 Views    
pup-told-not-to-jump-in-pool-jumps-in-immediately 00:57

Pup told not to jump in pool, jumps in immedi...

3 months ago     26,812 Views    
talking-parrot-has-very-unique-way-of-counting 00:46

Talking parrot has very unique way of counting

4 months ago     41,144 Views    
talking-parrot-discusses-nighttime-routine-with-owner 00:53

Talking parrot discusses nighttime routine wi...

4 months ago     75,443 Views    
pup-not-allowed-to-bark-in-house-does-hilarious-half-barks-instead 00:48

Pup not allowed to bark in house, does hilari...

4 months ago     45,422 Views    
totally-relaxed-bulldog-refuses-to-get-up-to-go-outside 01:23

Totally relaxed bulldog refuses to get up to ...

4 months ago     29,884 Views    
helmet-cam-saves-cyclist-from-false-criminal-allegation-and-citizen-s-arrest 06:15

Helmet cam saves cyclist from false criminal ...

4 months ago     2,579 Views    
humpback-whales-rise-from-ocean-floor-right-beside-thrilled-swimmer 01:20

Humpback whales rise from ocean floor right b...

4 months ago     5,119 Views    
labrador-sits-patiently-while-owner-fixes-favorite-toy 00:44

Labrador sits patiently while owner fixes fav...

4 months ago     74,347 Views    
parrots-incredibly-talk-to-one-other-like-humans 01:01

Parrots incredibly talk to one other like humans

4 months ago     304,309 Views    


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