Jim Sterling

cyberpunk-2077-development-will-see-long-crunching-hours 06:31

Cyberpunk 2077 Development Will See Long Crun...

1 day ago     110,326 Views    
pokmon-s-business-model-has-always-been-trash 06:36

Pokémon's Business Model Has Always Been Trash

5 days ago     112,812 Views    
a-video-discussing-that-horny-taytay-movie-getting-patched-the-jimquisition 15:05

A Video Discussing That Horny TayTay Movie Ge...

6 days ago     75,904 Views    
the-most-influential-game-of-the-decade-the-jimquisition 21:10

The Most Influential Game Of The Decade (The ...

1 week ago     96,203 Views    
wwe-2k20-literally-doesn-t-work-in-the-year-2020 07:37

WWE 2K20 Literally Doesn't Work In The Year 2020

2 weeks ago     122,417 Views    
top-ten-shittiest-games-of-2019-the-jimquisition 22:07

Top Ten Shittiest Games Of 2019 (The Jimquisi...

2 weeks ago     87,017 Views    
fallout-76-players-were-getting-remotely-robbed-by-hackers-this-week 07:21

Fallout 76 Players Were Getting Remotely Robb...

3 weeks ago     69,507 Views    
the-jimquisition-game-of-the-year-awards-2019 15:15

The Jimquisition Game Of The Year Awards 2019

3 weeks ago     110,950 Views    
hackers-broke-fallout-76-worse-than-usual-with-npcs-fallout-4-assets-item-spawning-chaos 09:08

Hackers Broke Fallout 76 Worse Than Usual Wit...

1 month ago     70,588 Views    
the-slimy-sleaze-of-that-apolitical-bobby-kotick-the-jimquisition 19:17

The Slimy Sleaze Of That Apolitical Bobby Kot...

1 month ago     84,180 Views    
let-s-talk-about-modern-warfare-selling-a-kill-death-ratio-tracker-in-a-20-package 06:45

Let's Talk About Modern Warfare Selling A Kil...

1 month ago     102,813 Views    
fallout-76-patch-breaks-armor-and-weapons-in-a-typically-stupid-way 07:28

Fallout 76 Patch Breaks Armor And Weapons In ...

1 month ago     221,837 Views    
alien-isolation-the-best-switch-port-jimpressions 11:54

Alien: Isolation - The Best Switch Port? (Jim...

1 month ago     77,771 Views    
resident-evil-3-remake-the-s-t-a-r-s-have-aligned-omgh 06:40

Resident Evil 3 Remake - The S.T.A.R.S Have A...

1 month ago     70,353 Views    
i-hate-the-word-consumer-the-jimquisition 19:09

I Hate The Word 'Consumer' (The Jimquisition)

1 month ago     157,261 Views    
i-am-jesus-christ-wait-until-you-see-priest-simulator-omgh 08:02

I Am Jesus Christ - Wait Until You See Priest...

1 month ago     40,152 Views    
steam-s-reluctance-to-approve-hong-kong-themed-games-raises-suspicions-of-bootlicking 07:56

Steam's Reluctance To Approve Hong Kong Theme...

1 month ago     51,576 Views    
old-tron-game-unplayable-because-of-drm-and-because-you-don-t-own-your-games 07:01

Old Tron Game Unplayable Because Of DRM (And ...

1 month ago     158,266 Views    
developer-accuses-reviewers-of-not-playing-his-poorly-reviewed-game 08:23

Developer Accuses Reviewers Of Not Playing Hi...

1 month ago     182,722 Views    
shenmue-is-the-waterworld-of-videogames-the-jimquisition 23:12

Shenmue Is The Waterworld Of Videogames (The ...

1 month ago     81,918 Views    


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