Jim Sterling

g2a-isn-t-just-worse-than-piracy-it-s-also-very-stupid-and-embarrassing-the-jimquisition 20:36

G2A Isn't Just Worse Than Piracy... It's Also...

1 day ago     102,130 Views    
ubisoft-bans-player-made-assassin-s-creed-quests-that-compete-with-its-microtransactions 08:22

Ubisoft Bans Player-Made Assassin's Creed Que...

3 days ago     68,856 Views    
kids-empty-their-parents-bank-accounts-after-exposure-to-fifa-s-gambling-mechanics 10:36

Kids Empty Their Parents' Bank Accounts After...

1 week ago     168,326 Views    
ea-doesn-t-like-being-seen-as-the-bad-guy-too-bad-the-jimquisition 19:37

EA Doesn't Like Being Seen As The Bad Guy? To...

1 week ago     171,660 Views    
g2a-doesn-t-consider-fraud-a-real-problem-but-admits-the-fraud-problem-won-t-go-away 09:04

G2A Doesn't Consider Fraud A Real Problem But...

1 week ago     35,944 Views    
g2a-is-so-bad-developers-would-rather-you-pirate-their-games-than-buy-from-it 06:17

G2A Is So Bad Developers Would Rather You Pir...

2 weeks ago     108,747 Views    
the-addictive-cost-of-predatory-videogame-monetization-the-jimquisition 34:13

The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Mon...

2 weeks ago     215,352 Views    
steam-s-summer-sale-event-was-confusing-and-accidentally-screwed-over-some-indie-games 07:18

Steam's Summer Sale Event Was Confusing And A...

2 weeks ago     54,307 Views    
the-sinking-city-the-worst-game-i-ve-ever-liked-jimpressions 12:51

The Sinking City - The Worst Game I've Ever.....

2 weeks ago     88,851 Views    
ea-ceo-defends-loot-boxes-promotes-accessing-games-over-owning-them 12:13

EA CEO Defends Loot Boxes, Promotes 'Accessin...

3 weeks ago     180,454 Views    
stadia-subscriptions-and-the-death-of-game-ownership-the-jimquisition 20:33

Stadia, Subscriptions, And The Death Of Game ...

3 weeks ago     122,013 Views    
shut-up-ea-you-do-not-get-to-rebrand-loot-boxes-as-surprise-mechanics 11:54

Shut Up, EA, You Do NOT Get To Rebrand Loot B...

3 weeks ago     226,250 Views    
legal-documents-show-randy-pitchford-shifting-borderlands-bonuses-to-personal-company 09:36

Legal Documents Show Randy Pitchford Shifting...

3 weeks ago     172,816 Views    
bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night-castlemania-jimpressions 10:03

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night - CastleMan...

4 weeks ago     145,596 Views    
winners-losers-e3-2019-the-jimquisition 23:21

Winners & Losers E3 2019 (The Jimquisition)

4 weeks ago     243,297 Views    
nintendo-addresses-crunch-takes-time-with-animal-crossing-upsets-shareholders-in-the-process 08:25

Nintendo Addresses Crunch, Takes Time With An...

1 month ago     166,405 Views    
a-post-nuclear-post-mortem-of-fallout-76-the-jimquisition 28:30

A Post-Nuclear Post-Mortem Of Fallout 76 (The...

1 month ago     260,748 Views    
people-are-sick-of-how-crap-the-nintendo-switch-s-online-offerings-are 09:36

People Are Sick Of How Crap The Nintendo Swit...

1 month ago     152,100 Views    
bethesda-knows-it-can-sell-unfinished-crap-and-promise-to-fix-it-later 12:12

Bethesda Knows It Can Sell Unfinished Crap An...

1 month ago     80,406 Views    
fear-fury-how-the-rockstar-sausage-is-made-the-jimquisition 17:45

Fear & Fury: How The Rockstar Sausage Is Made...

1 month ago     244,438 Views    


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