Jim Sterling

football-jock-games-vs-drama-nerd-games-the-jimquisition 19:09

Football Jock Games vs. Drama Nerd Games (The...

1 day ago     86,010 Views    
take-two-ceo-gets-a-massive-bonus-if-people-spend-loads-of-money-on-microtransactions 09:06

Take-Two CEO Gets A Massive Bonus If People S...

3 days ago     147,079 Views    
a-difficult-subject-the-jimquisition 27:05

A Difficult Subject (The Jimquisition)

1 week ago     133,976 Views    
star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-looks-good-fuck-ea-omgh 09:07

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Looks Good, Fu...

1 week ago     101,538 Views    
the-elder-scrolls-blades-cynically-greedy-mobile-garbage 11:42

The Elder Scrolls: Blades - Cynically Greedy ...

1 week ago     92,997 Views    
creepy-activision-wants-to-know-all-about-their-employees-pregnancies 10:16

Creepy Activision Wants To Know All About The...

1 week ago     90,215 Views    
a-video-about-bioware-working-staff-to-tears-and-calling-its-mental-abuse-magic-the-jimquisition 22:29

A Video About BioWare Working Staff To Tears ...

2 weeks ago     123,962 Views    
fallout-76-accused-of-selling-pay-to-win-microtransactions-but-is-it-sorta-yes 10:30

Fallout 76 Accused Of Selling Pay-To-Win Micr...

2 weeks ago     51,136 Views    
let-s-talk-about-borderlands-3-epic-store-exclusivity-and-an-uncontrolled-market 10:59

Let's Talk About Borderlands 3, Epic Store Ex...

2 weeks ago     119,284 Views    
net-neutrality-isps-can-throttle-and-block-content-so-long-as-they-admit-it 10:43

Net Neutrality: ISPs Can Throttle And Block C...

3 weeks ago     142,135 Views    
roadmap-to-nowhere-the-jimquisition 15:45

Roadmap To Nowhere (The Jimquisition)

3 weeks ago     116,251 Views    
sekiro-shadows-die-twice-i-don-t-like-sekiro-and-that-s-okay-jimpressions 11:14

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - I Don't Like Seki...

3 weeks ago     123,269 Views    
let-s-talk-about-anthem-being-an-unrewarding-grinding-deliberately-disappointing-mess 10:32

Let's Talk About Anthem Being An Unrewarding,...

3 weeks ago     134,170 Views    
scumbag-ea-initiates-mass-layoffs-axing-350-jobs 10:24

Scumbag EA Initiates Mass Layoffs, Axing 350 ...

3 weeks ago     112,700 Views    
eu-votes-in-favor-of-article-13-giving-copyright-holders-undue-power-over-internet-platforms 10:42

EU Votes In Favor Of Article 13, Giving Copyr...

3 weeks ago     79,893 Views    
the-problems-with-the-epic-store-the-jimquisition 20:26

The Problems With The Epic Store (The Jimquis...

4 weeks ago     109,872 Views    
apex-legends-battle-pass-is-monetization-for-monetization-s-sake 10:24

Apex Legends' Battle Pass Is Monetization For...

1 month ago     150,999 Views    
the-division-2-compelling-in-its-tedium-jimpressions 12:37

The Division 2 - Compelling In Its Tedium (Ji...

1 month ago     150,612 Views    
the-exploitation-of-apolitical-politics-the-jimquisition 18:05

The Exploitation Of Apolitical Politics (The ...

1 month ago     126,891 Views    
anthem-players-organize-protest-over-stingy-disheartening-loot-drops 12:08

Anthem Players Organize Protest Over Stingy, ...

1 month ago     312,207 Views    


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