Jim Sterling

that-crappy-anthem-game-is-getting-an-overhaul-focusing-on-actual-gameplay 08:28

That Crappy Anthem Game Is Getting An Overhau...

5 months ago     138,595 Views    
credit-where-credit-s-due-the-jimquisition 15:53

Credit Where Credit's Due (The Jimquisition)

5 months ago     112,460 Views    
the-folly-of-gamer-boycotts-the-jimquisition 19:11

The Folly Of Gamer Boycotts (The Jimquisition)

6 months ago     76,960 Views    
warcraft-3-reforged-gets-record-low-user-reviews-on-metacritic-fans-remain-furious 14:35

Warcraft 3: Reforged Gets Record Low User Rev...

6 months ago     81,783 Views    
blizzard-makes-its-fans-angry-again-with-the-dodgy-and-legally-grasping-warcraft-3-reforged 12:37

Blizzard Makes Its Fans Angry Again With The ...

6 months ago     88,648 Views    
digital-homicide-resurfaces-with-some-incredible-bs 13:13

Digital Homicide Resurfaces With Some Incredi...

6 months ago     114,016 Views    
should-metroidvania-be-abolished-the-jimquisition 21:32

Should 'Metroidvania' Be Abolished? (The Jimq...

6 months ago     148,232 Views    
terminator-resistance-resisting-publicity-jimpressions 11:40

Terminator: Resistance - Resisting Publicity ...

6 months ago     151,848 Views    
the-game-industry-s-performative-concern-for-children-the-jimquisition 17:08

The Game Industry's Performative Concern For ...

6 months ago     155,320 Views    
cyberpunk-2077-development-will-see-long-crunching-hours 06:31

Cyberpunk 2077 Development Will See Long Crun...

6 months ago     44,961 Views    
pokmon-s-business-model-has-always-been-trash 06:36

Pokémon's Business Model Has Always Been Trash

6 months ago     112,812 Views    
a-video-discussing-that-horny-taytay-movie-getting-patched-the-jimquisition 15:05

A Video Discussing That Horny TayTay Movie Ge...

6 months ago     75,904 Views    
the-most-influential-game-of-the-decade-the-jimquisition 21:10

The Most Influential Game Of The Decade (The ...

7 months ago     96,203 Views    
wwe-2k20-literally-doesn-t-work-in-the-year-2020 07:37

WWE 2K20 Literally Doesn't Work In The Year 2020

7 months ago     122,417 Views    
top-ten-shittiest-games-of-2019-the-jimquisition 22:07

Top Ten Shittiest Games Of 2019 (The Jimquisi...

7 months ago     86,415 Views    
fallout-76-players-were-getting-remotely-robbed-by-hackers-this-week 07:21

Fallout 76 Players Were Getting Remotely Robb...

7 months ago     69,507 Views    
the-jimquisition-game-of-the-year-awards-2019 15:15

The Jimquisition Game Of The Year Awards 2019

7 months ago     110,950 Views    
scummy-xseed-removes-people-from-game-credits-if-they-leave-the-company 08:10

Scummy: XSEED Removes People From Game Credit...

1 year ago     116,087 Views    
apex-legends-battle-pass-is-monetization-for-monetization-s-sake 10:24

Apex Legends' Battle Pass Is Monetization For...

1 year ago     150,999 Views    
the-division-2-compelling-in-its-tedium-jimpressions 12:37

The Division 2 - Compelling In Its Tedium (Ji...

1 year ago     150,612 Views    


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