letting-youtubers-pick-my-starbucks-drinks-for-a-week-part-2-baby 13:22

letting youtubers pick my starbucks drinks fo...

6 days ago     83,935 Views    
the-ultimate-vsco-girl-room-transformation 14:51

the ultimate vsco girl room transformation

1 week ago     63,408 Views    
deep-cleaning-my-room-at-3am-send-help 11:06

deep cleaning my room at 3AM... *send help*

3 weeks ago     44,208 Views    
throwing-the-ultimate-vsco-girl-sleepover 06:41

throwing the ultimate VSCO girl sleepover...

1 month ago     89,686 Views    
trying-british-candy-ft-saffron-barker 13:24

trying british candy ft. saffron barker

1 month ago     53,770 Views    
transforming-into-the-ultimate-vsco-girl-for-a-day 11:26

transforming into the ultimate VSCO girl for ...

2 months ago     136,661 Views    
my-19th-birthday-vlog 11:29

My 19th Birthday Vlog!!

2 months ago     134,242 Views    
colored-scrunchies-pick-my-outfits-for-a-week 20:47

Colored Scrunchies Pick My Outfits for a Week...

2 months ago     112,905 Views    
letting-youtubers-pick-my-starbucks-drinks-for-a-week 14:42

Letting Youtubers Pick My Starbucks Drinks fo...

2 months ago     136,892 Views    
dressing-like-billie-eilish-for-a-week 21:56

Dressing Like Billie Eilish for a Week...

3 months ago     68,721 Views    
best-friend-vs-best-friend-who-knows-me-better 10:02

Best Friend vs Best Friend!! Who Knows Me Bet...

3 months ago     31,512 Views    
going-undercover-as-a-hate-page 17:45

Going Undercover as a HATE Page...

3 months ago     201,064 Views    
letting-the-person-in-front-of-me-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours 13:02

Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide What...

4 months ago     146,328 Views    
going-to-coachella-for-the-first-time 14:02

Going To Coachella For The First Time...

5 months ago     78,116 Views    
going-undercover-as-a-fanpage 18:04

Going Undercover as a Fanpage...

5 months ago     40,843 Views    
dressing-like-ariana-grande-for-a-week 14:32

Dressing Like Ariana Grande for a Week…

7 months ago     178,532 Views    
chit-chat-get-ready-with-us-ft-vanessa-merrell 15:37

Chit Chat Get Ready with Us! Ft. Vanessa Merrell

8 months ago     66,959 Views    
guessing-starbucks-drinks-for-a-week-giveaway 16:47

Guessing Starbucks Drinks for a Week... (+ gi...

8 months ago     33,410 Views    
my-transformation-from-a-2-to-a-7-5-in-24-hours 10:28

my transformation from a 2 to a 7.5 in 24 hours

9 months ago     35 Views    
drive-with-me-christmas-edition 10:01

drive with me: CHRISTMAS EDITION!

9 months ago     1,195 Views    


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