Bass Finatic

i-bought-new-clown-fish-you-ve-gotta-see-them 10:59

I Bought NEW Clown Fish... You’ve Gotta See T...

2 days ago     34,583 Views    
buying-only-black-white-fish-at-pet-store 10:03

Buying Only BLACK & WHITE Fish At Pet Store?!

4 days ago     21,859 Views    
new-crabs-fish-shrimp-and-snails-for-saltwater-tank 10:21

*NEW* Crabs, Fish, Shrimp, and Snails For SAL...

5 days ago     16,791 Views    
i-can-t-believe-we-did-this-new-puppy 10:20

I Can't Believe We Did This... New Puppy!

1 week ago     18,929 Views    
rescuing-a-koi-fish-from-a-chemical-filled-pond-rescue-mission 10:03

Rescuing a Koi Fish From a CHEMICAL Filled Po...

1 week ago     33,402 Views    
they-stole-this-abused-baby-alligator-20-000-fine 14:45

They Stole This Abused Baby Alligator... $20,...

1 week ago     28,075 Views    
rescuing-re-homing-fish-in-chemical-filled-water-crazy 12:07

Rescuing/Re-homing Fish In Chemical Filled Wa...

2 weeks ago     26,868 Views    
my-rare-betta-fish-has-a-problem 10:03

My RARE Betta Fish Has a Problem...

2 weeks ago     16,675 Views    
traveling-across-the-country-to-buy-a-betta-fish 12:14

Traveling Across The COUNTRY To BUY a Betta F...

2 weeks ago     39,582 Views    
building-new-modern-bunny-mansion 10:06

Building NEW Modern Bunny Mansion!!!

2 weeks ago     48,688 Views    
buying-new-saltwater-fish-what-s-inside 10:30


3 weeks ago     18,436 Views    
whatever-my-bunny-touches-i-buy-challenge-expensive 10:03

Whatever My BUNNY Touches I BUY CHALLENGE!? (...

3 weeks ago     41,568 Views    
new-crazy-creatures-for-exotic-betta-fish-tank 10:27

New CRAZY CREATURES For Exotic Betta Fish Tank!?

3 weeks ago     43,653 Views    
my-new-dream-betta-fish-tank-crazy 15:41


3 weeks ago     69,773 Views    
new-all-pink-glofish-tank-crazy 10:04

New *ALL PINK* GloFish Tank! (CRAZY)

4 weeks ago     22,226 Views    
crazy-3000-saltwater-setup-gets-new-colorful-coral 10:04

Crazy $3000 SALTWATER Setup Gets NEW COLORFUL...

1 month ago     24,800 Views    
saving-poor-fish-from-pet-store-rescue-mission 10:07

Saving Poor Fish From Pet Store??? (RESCUE MI...

1 month ago     57,812 Views    
my-flowerhorn-fish-gets-insane-tank-world-s-smartest-fish 10:03

My Flowerhorn Fish Gets INSANE TANK!!! (World...

1 month ago     43,331 Views    
buying-my-first-saltwater-aquarium-funny 13:08

Buying My First *SALTWATER* AQUARIUM! (Funny)

1 month ago     22,543 Views    
she-picked-out-my-new-fish-extremely-expensive 10:18

She Picked Out My NEW Fish!!! (EXTREMELY EXPE...

1 month ago     56,453 Views    


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