Now You See It

the-best-of-thrones-struggling-to-find-story 10:24

The Best of Thrones: Struggling to Find Story

1 day ago     42,712 Views    
writing-women 10:07

Writing Women

2 months ago     279,978 Views    
the-meaning-of-red-in-movies 10:23

The Meaning of Red in Movies

4 months ago     44,269 Views    
what-riding-a-horse-really-means 15:15

What Riding a Horse Really Means

5 months ago     30,221 Views    
the-art-of-overanalyzing-movies 08:52

The Art of Overanalyzing Movies

6 months ago     71,450 Views    
stripes-in-movies-why-do-characters-wear-them 09:22

Stripes in Movies: Why Do Characters Wear Them?

7 months ago     360 Views    
why-dave-chappelle-really-left 08:25

Why Dave Chappelle Really Left

8 months ago     128,399 Views    
quentin-tarantino-and-the-poetry-between-the-lines 18:34

Quentin Tarantino and the Poetry Between the ...

9 months ago     48 Views    
the-power-of-the-vampire-myth 15:01

The Power of the Vampire Myth

11 months ago     99 Views    
how-dave-chappelle-dodges-laser-beams 13:45

How Dave Chappelle Dodges Laser Beams

1 year ago     83 Views    
explaining-the-80s-movie-craze 06:32

Explaining the 80s Movie Craze

1 year ago     474 Views    
a-study-of-so-bad-it-s-good-movies 07:23

A Study of "So Bad It's Good" Movies

1 year ago     55,629 Views    
physical-injuries-in-film-never-a-flesh-wound 05:34

Physical Injuries in Film: Never a Flesh Wound

1 year ago     83,842 Views    
how-to-do-a-plot-twist 05:34

How To Do A Plot Twist

1 year ago     469,814 Views    
what-makes-a-movie-scary 05:21

What Makes a Movie Scary?

2 years ago     1,464,336 Views    
british-vs-american-comedy-what-s-the-difference 06:36

British vs. American Comedy: What's the Diffe...

2 years ago     4,253,812 Views    
which-way-did-he-go-lateral-character-movement-in-film 07:34

Which Way Did He Go? Lateral Character Moveme...

3 years ago     339,503 Views    
opening-shots-tell-us-everything 07:01

Opening Shots Tell Us Everything

3 years ago     1,783,802 Views    


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